Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jenks Platinum's 1st Game of the Season

Lil' Miss 5th Grade Cheerleader :-)
Our 1st game of the season landed in good ol' Muskogee, OK
It was about 115 degrees
The girls did a GREAT job considering the game was delayed by almost an hour and the sun was scorching hot
Ella's new squad is full of sweet girls ~ had a hilarious time carpooling with the Martinez's to the game...let's just say our 45 minute drive home turned into almost an hour and a half!
(GPS systems stink sometimes) :-<>
 This was a new cheer, and I loved watching each girl get to come out and do a stunt of their choice
So proud that Ella went from not being able to do a somersault last being able to do a round off now. Yay!
 Their new Banner
The End of the Game Football Player Run!
 The boys played awesome and made their 1st win!
Go Jenks Platinum!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Goodbye Summer * Hello School Party

Ella asked before 4th grade even ended, if she could have a Swim party with her friends over the summer
So...after a very busy summer...a *Back to School* Swim Party it was! 
We literally held it 36 hours before 5th grade started. :-)
Every friend Ella invited was able to come...which was such a blessing!
We had Riley, Kate, Caroline, Talya & Reese ~ all such precious girls!

The cheesy side of me came out a bit in the snacks we served...
and the S'mores Brownies that she's been asking for...
and man, they were scrumptious!
The girls had a blast going back and forth between the pool and the trampoline
We also pulled out the Glow Sticks for some night time fun!
and of course some party favors at the end...
"5th Grade is Going to Rule
when it comes to friends, thanks for always measuring up"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11th Year as a School Mom

5th Grade Meet the Teacher 
(a.k.a. decorate your locker day)
Big Sis came along to help!
Fun to see friends in the hallway...
2nd Grade Meet the Teacher
We love Mrs. McGehee!
Fun to see friends who will be in our class!
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
1st Day of 10th Grade...JHS
My lil' 8th Grader
excited for a wonderful year of Pom, Friends & growing in her Faith!
Sisters helping each other write their grade on the board
Miss 5th Grader  ~ 1st year in the World Language Program!
Loved her little Bath and Body Work additions dangling from her backpack :D
I Treasure these beauties
The 1 block walk to the the way, it's about 6:55 in the morning!
I admit, I asked them to do this ;-)
And, last but not least, my baby boy's 1st day of 2nd Grade 
Had to get a shot of these adorable sneaks I picked up at that Preppy is back!!
Time for our walk w/ Miss Romes to the Bus
tryin' to be cool like a middle school instagram girl
Here comes Miss Ruthie!
Bye my love...prayers for safety, lots of learning, special friends, and that the Fruit of the Spirit is in you and pouring out of you.
Here we go 2014-2015 School Year...BRING ON the 4 SCHOOLS!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Today is the day that I celebrate the best thing that happened to me in my life…a boy that I dated for 6 years asked me to marry him. Our Wedding Anniversary is my most favorite thing to celebrate. A beautiful gift that God created for him and I…a gift that has brought more joy than I ever thought imaginable. I deserve none of it, but because of God’s immeasurable amount of grace & love I am showered with blessings from this gift. Our story is the greatest miracle I have ever experienced…and it is still unfolding. To the handsome boy that I have loved for 24 years…Happy 18th Anniversary! I love you more today. xo #myforeverlove
I came home from a very busy day of JBF pre-sale, my first Guts Girls High Tea Brunch, and a few errands to this...I'm calling it some "Island Romance" hee hee 
Red Roses, new Tennis rackets for my love and I, our new Z Gallery Paris flutes, and a bag with something fun to open tonight on our date
(Abby's artistry)
*Cheers to the Best 18 Years of My Life!!!!*
Big G had set the agenda for the night...our first stop, 'The Tavern" in DT Tulsa
(I LOVE he's started planning our dates. I'm just along for the ride! Our 2nd stop was Glacier Chocolates for my 1st dark chocolate haystack - soooo delish)
My new bling...such a fun reminder of our amazing trip to Paris with A and G
"Oui, Oui...uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh" :D
My sweet man also had my favorite Merritts cake waiting at home in the fridge...Chocolate Raspberry Ganache - yummmmm
We enjoyed it with our fab four the next day after church :-)
A perfect end to another perfect Anniversary Celebration.