Monday, November 3, 2014

1st Girls Trip Flight Since 1997

After 23 1/2 years, the time has come for Momma's 1st "real" Girls Trip.
Granted, it was only 48 hours long. :-)
(please excuse the poor quality pics - all iPhone shots)
Last time I had visited my good friend Becky, a.k.a. "Spot" was May '93, 
the end of my Freshman year in college. 
Her parents flew me up to Loyola to help her move out and drive all her stuff home to Tulsa.
When we arrived to her apartment complex from the Denver airport, I knew all was good when I spotted a *Coldstone Creamery just a short walk away! Yummm
Our first stop was R.E.I., an amazingly ginormous Colorado sports store to seek out the world's warmest socks for the upcoming winter. Found a super cute pair of Smartfeet for a mere $27. Yeah, sounds crazy...but worth every single penny...promise!
This is the darling Starbucks tucked into this killer old train depot transformed into the R.E.I. store. 
We enjoyed an afternoon snack outside, soaking up the beyond gorgeous day and view.
Back to Becky's pad to freshen up for our evening. We exchanged 40th b'day gifts out on her patio with a glass of wine. Spot looooved her custom made card I made her - here's a shot of the front of it.
I've heard about this place for many a year time had finally come to experience it for myself!! 
Becky said we must sit at the bar for many a reason. One, the service. Two, the free appetizer and orange finisher, and three...we get to watch these sushi masters at work!
I partook of my first glass of Sake. Not my fave, but definitely interesting. 
Words simply canNOT express how absolute INCREDIBLE the food was. It literally caused me to hum. Their fish was so fresh and so felt like it melted in my mouth. 
 Friday, October 24th ~ Lunch @ Racine's
Best Burger and Sweet Potato Fries...hit the spot!
Pitstop @ the one and only Coldstone Creamery!
Cake batter with brownie...oh yessss
Onward to one of Becky's favorite spots... 
This place was the COOLEST!
The SPOTS take on RED ROCKS!
there's a gi-normous amphitheater there where tons of famous bands perform concerts 
(Becky, of course has been to upwards of 100 there!)
my fave pic...God's Magnificent Creation
Next Stop...University of Colorado
(on the search for Will a CU tee)
When we parked for our evening out in Boulder, guess who we parked right next to?!
Hozier's Tour Bus!!!!
After changing at a local Boulder Starbucks, we headed to one of Becky's beloved Mexican joints...Mamacita's
Chips and homemade salsa, enchiladas and margarita's ensued...
 And...the time arrived for our loooong awaited concert to commence!
 Hozier, our supa talented Irish Boy musician was going to be rocking it out at the one and only Fox Theater (small, cozy - yet super cool venue)
even the Mayor of Denver showed up! 
(he's right behind me in the vest)
 Bad picture, but trust was IN-CREDIBLE!! That boy has mad skills!
Saturday, October 25th
 This is the view Becky has when she takes a left out of her apartments...for realz?!
Last, but not least, a stop at a Denver Home of Momma's favorite stores!
After a two hour delayed flight, I finally made it back to home sweet home.
Will sporting his new CU tee...lookin' good!
I was soooo super nervous about leaving my family for this weekend away. I felt immense guilt about missing a multitude of events (pom competition, Ella's cheer game, Owen's soccer game, etc). However, I have to say...this was well worth all the heartache of leaving home. I invested in a precious friendship, I took time to experience God's beautiful nature, and I learned how to travel without my hubby doing everything for me. I am so grateful for this Denver getaway. Thanks goes to my beloved for encouraging me to head to the Rockies as well as filling in the gap while I was away! xoxo