Monday, April 30, 2012

*Bachelorette Bash*

My baby sister is getting married.
I am one of two of her Matrons of Honor.
According to her e-mail many months ago, that means - I throw the Bacholerette Party!
So throw a party I did!!
I googled ideas, I pinterested ideas, I went to Hobby Lobby, Party City, Michael's, the list goes on and on. Here's the loot I came up with:
Saturday, April 28th, 2012
The Day of the Par-tay Arrives
My older sister (Matron of Honor #2) and my two sister in laws (my brother Kevin and Kendall's wives) were my co-horts in putting together this bash.
However, there was one other person involved. I called her my *Angel for the day!
It is my dear friend Debra. She showed up at my door, came into my kitchen, and literally went to town slicing fruit and creating the most delicious White Wine Sangria you ever did taste!
At 5:00ish, the three sistas arrived to help with the finishing touches.
Speaking of touches, I tried to add some personal touch to the shower/party so that it would be a meaningful night Kerri would never forget.
Courtney (married to my lil bro Kendall), Kim (my older sis), and Amy (married to my older bro Kevin)
For an extra special touch (hee hee), we had Hangover I playing in the background - I don't think one person noticed. Oh well. :-<>
Guests start arriving, so we start serving...
The Bride received an extra special hot pink Glitter Cup with *Bride* on it to sip on all night.
The rest of the gang 
My mom, who was keeping Abby, stopped by for a guess who wanted some party pics too?! (Speaking of, look at the pic above on the far right and see who's little head is hiding between two of the gals. LOL!) To give her some credit, she is a Jr. Bridesmaid so maybe she did belong. :-)
Lingerie Shower Time!
but 1st, we must "adorn" the Bride with her Bridal attire - a wanna-be veil with "I do" embroidered all over the back hem and a hot pink satin sash that read "Bride to Be"
First up, a hot pink lacy number
Cutest gift of night - a monogrammed beach bag 
had to get a pic of next bag
My personal favorite of the night...
After the gift opening and Kreston/Kerri Trivia Game, we head outside for some
5 Hour Energy Shots 
- yeah, that's right...women over the age of 30 need a lil' extra help to make it for the long haul :-)))
Do you see just a slight resemblance b/w these 2? Believe it or not, they are 14.5 years apart!
We may not look alike, but my sis in law Courtney and I are 2 Peas in a Pod!
The reading of the Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt
One of Ker's b/f from TU flew in all the way from NYC to attend...
as you can see, she was getting so tickled by the things Ker was challenged to accomplish on her *Hunt
Kim, Kerri, Melissa (one of Ker's good friends who works as a fellow nurse at St. Francis), Lauren
Jenny and Leah - her two B/F's from Metro (H.S.)
Time to head to our next destination!
But first, some homemade cherry jello shots made by the older sis...
they were actually quite delicious!
Jenny drove car #2 - my sis in law Amy rode in back...and was singing the Lion King theme song out the window on their way into the parking lot. I am still laughing about this!
This is the Sweet Silver Burb that escorted us all over Tulsa 
(thanks to Kim)
Courtney - who I called the 4th Kardashian Sister. She looked gorgeous!
Mi Cocina here we come!!
Time for some yummy food...
and their famous Mambo Taxi's!
Another one of Ker's b'f's from HS arrives...Jenny G
Kerri decides it is time to commence her *Scavenger Hunt - starting at the Mi Cocina bar
Then off to find a man with a Dragon Tattoo
We gave her half credit...she was uber close! An eagle!!
Our awesome brother, Kevin, arrives to take over driving duties as we head to Destination #3
Hard Rock Casino's Dance Club
One of the Best Surprises of the Night...running into our cousin Becki!
and then getting to hear her hubby Travis Kidd rock the guitar in a bar next door
(that's Amy dancin' the nite away)
Ker's one last attempt to check another thing off the Hunt before we head to our next stop
This time Kev pulled out his red satin pillow...we had crossed over to the next day at this point!
The famous Mayo Hotel Elevator incident - it would take 3 pages of blog posting to cover all the action that went on between walking in the Mayo and actually making it to the Rooftop Bar...let's just say it was movie making quality ~ at one point, I was trapped in level 4 of the stairwell!
The Tri Delta's
Just shy of 2:00 a.m., it is time for the Bachelorette posse to head to Hotel ala King (Amy's casa).
It truly was a night we will all remember...
A few hours later, we arise to the smell of this yumminess 
After a cup of Joe and some grub, it was time for...
the most appropriate movie ever
this one may have been snoozing over in the chair on the right...but, not before snapping a pic!
Here's to One Fantabulous King Sista Night! It was a loooong time coming, but worth every minute of the wait! Now for the real festivities coming May 12th!!!