Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

Wanted to give a shout out to one of my dear friends Steph for throwing a fabulous annual *Oscars Party* each year for the gals in our Sunday School class! And, lucky for me, this year's landed AFTER Just Between Friends prep week...SO, I was actually able to go, relax, and eat my face off!
"It’s like winning the golden dude. A great honor. Before I didn’t have the chance of the Jamaican Bobsled team of winning… now I do." ~Robin Williams (1998)
Stephanie is married to one of the most AMAZING men I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He willingly puts on a tux and greets each of the guests on the "red carpet" with microphone in hand. He interviews each of us about "who" we are wearing. He then proceeds to serve us during the night. Such a sweetheart!
Steph serves dinner while the rest of us bring appetizers & dessert. It's always super YUMMY!!
"We want to thank all of you for watching us congratulate ourselves tonight."
~Warren Beatty
Here's 2011's Oscar Watchin' Group
(well, not we don't really watch closely...just sort glance over when it gets interesting)
"I love you! Tom Cruise, I love you, brother! I love you, man! Everybody, I love you. I love you all . . . I love you. Everybody who's involved with this, I love you. I love you. Everybody involved."
~ Cuba Gooding, Jr.

A Year Ago Today...

A Mom & Dad lost their Son
A older Brother lost his little Brother
Nieces & nephews lost their Uncle
Many lost a coveted Friend
Melissa lost her Beloved.
On February 28th, 2010, Tim Toppins went to be with the Lord.
His beautiful wife Melissa and their son Jacob were left behind with the anticipation of
baby Timothy Owen...born just a few months later.
This tragic event has affected many. It is something Greg & I reflect on often.
The loss off Tim has reminds each of us of how short and fragile life is.
Learn to do good;
Seek justice,
Rebuke the oppressor;
Defend the fatherless,
Plead for the widow.
Isaiah 1:17

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perfect Pairings ~ Proverbs 6:20-22

Yesterday we celebrating my lifelong best friend's son Hampton's 4th Birthday.
I pray that these two little dudes are blessed with the kind of friendship that their Mommies have. It's a priceless gift.
In the mean time...this little rascal was a hoot at the party! I could go on and on...but, let's just sum it up with he put on half the party attendee's glow neclaces & bracelets, mooched food off of two different adult's plates (one whom he didn't even know!), told everyone he was going to beat "Samson" (a.k.a. "Hampton") at bowling, the list goes on and on...He never ceases to entertain!!
My son, keep your father’s command
and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.
Bind them always on your heart;
fasten them around your neck.
When you walk, they will guide you;
when you sleep, they will watch over you;
when you awake, they will speak to you.

Proverbs 6:20-22
I think my little guy needs some reminding of these scriptures! :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Ella's 7th B'day SPA-rty!*

Ella wanted a *SPA PARTY* this year for her 7th Birthday.
So, of course...being my baby girl...that's exactly what she got! :-)
We were so thankful her b'day party day landed at the tail end of the 2 week Blizzard Snow break...thank you Sunshine!!
Abby, Ella & I worked together to turn Abby's bedroom into "The Ruley Beauty Salon"
Twinkle lights and all...
We had a Foot Spa Pedicure area
The Manicure Table
The Facial & Body Glitter Vanity
The Bucket o' Flip Flops (to wear after pedi's)
Here's just a few of our beautiful spa clients that day
It was a busy little salon!
Ella was 1st up for a Facial
She loved every minute of her mask & cucumber treatment
In the mean time, lil' brother found his way in & helped himself to a foot massage
(& later found a relative to paint his nails blue - both hands & feet!)
Blue Toenails were popular
And fun *Girly Stickers adorned most nails
Another facial client relaxing during her mask
Nana rocked the Pedicure while B'day Girl watched on...
Party Pic!!
Time for Cake!
Make a Wish Sweet One...
Presents, presents, presents!
Ella's beloved new Laura Dare nightgown & decorate your own of b'day girl's favorite gifts!
With a little time to spare before Moms arrived, it was back up for some *Freeze Dance!
Our two big girl "Helpers" (Big Sister Abby & Cousin Zoe) man the Stereo
Owen charms his way into a dance circle...
Momma snuggles in with her baby girl...
Ella's dear friend since pre-school stays for a sleepover...
they played & played
The day before Ella's actual b'day...she opened one of her long-awaited gifts from her Dad & I...
A *Pink Princess Nightgown & Robe Set!
I promised her she could wear it on the night before her actual b'day...and that she did. She hasn't taken it off since - except to go to school.
More gifts & goodies arrive the day of her real b'day. I'm tellin you, this girl was celebrated for days..........
Blushing after opening up her new Justin Beiber Doll! :-)
THE Stapler - I think this is the ONLY thing Ella actually asked's all she wanted.
We had to, of course, find a cute one!
Oh, and Cherry Crisp for dessert...b'day girl's request

“It is the morning of her life and all her dreams are just beginning. May she touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies, and talk to the man in the moon. May she grow up with love and gracious hearts and people who care."

*Happy, Happy Birthday Ella Marie! You are one, loved baby girl!! *
(*IF you can find what happens to Ella between her party & her actual b'day, leave a comment as to what it is & you will be entered to win a prize! NO PEEKING at previous comments!!*)

Great Guacamole Tip!

Don't know about u all...but I love me some guacamole!
Saw this on my recorded Rachel Ray & thought it was one, brilliant tip!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Day 2011

Mr. Cool - Will, 6th gr.
Miss Fashionista - Abby, 4th gr. Sweet as Sugar - Ella, 1st gr.
My Hot Valentine's Date - Owen, 4 yrs
“There is no love. There are only proofs of love.”
French poet Pierre Reverdy
Thanks to my Honey for giving me Four Fabulous Souls to Love. You, however, will always be my One & one can compare...ever.