Friday, February 27, 2009

Matilda Jane ~ My New Love

In case you haven't heard, there is the most AMAZING designer for women and children's clothing...her name is Denise and her line goes by MATILDA JANE.

I was invited to a party last Fall and pretty much thought...NAH.

My curiosity was peaked so I did some scholarly Google searching and saw a few pieces that were calling my name. So, I went to the party.

Immediatly following the party, I KNEW I simply had to have my own party. My friends needed to know about this stuff!

The clothes are so unique and so darn sweet. They yell out "GIRLY". However, some of the pieces have sort of a punky twist. You can piece them together so creatively.
(i.e. I love taking the tops & dresses and putting them with dark denim skinny jeans...or leggings we already own. I also pair the skirts with solid tops already hanging in our closet.) is now time for the Matilda Jane 2009 SPRING line to be seen. Pitter patter.

Where? You might can only see the "Pretties" at someone's Trunk Show. The online ordering system is very limited.

I am anxiously awaiting next Thursday, March 5th...that is the day my oh so sweet Trunk Keeper Heather will be unveiling "the goods" right in my front living room. YIPPEE!!

If you would like to take a peek at these little pieces of art, pop on over.
It's COME 'N GO 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You're welcome to bring little ones.

To read more about the super talented designer, go to (Believe it or not, she doesn't even have any daughters!)

The main website,, should be updated on Sunday, March 1st...the official kick-off for the Spring season.

I'm sure you're wondering...yea, they're cute pieces...but how much $moula$ are we talking about??

You know I was asking the exact same question.

For the design and quality, the prices are very fair. Almost like a retail Baby Gap price...maybe a smidge more. Less than Kathleen's Kids though.

And, the BEST part? The pieces re-sell on eBAY like little ROCK STARS! Go do a search for "Matilda Jane" and then click on "completed items" and then search high to low price.

I told you...they are like little pieces of art. Many of the pieces end up going for more than you pay! I would say, you should at least be able to recover half of what you spend. Now that's quite a deal!

From t-shirts to ruffled pants to skirts to dresses...

Our girls are only young for such a short time...

There are 14 MOMMY pieces available this Spring...I heard they are very "ANTHROPOLOGIE-ish"

The Girls' sizes range from 12 months on up to teens.

Hope to see you Thursday! :)

No pressure to buy're welcome to just come look at all the eye candy, have a cup of coffee and visit with some la-la-ladies. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All About ALDI

Okay, I've got another shopping tip I simply must share!

I know, I may be a little intimated (or freaked out) by the name, the building, the fact that you have to use a quarter to "rent" your grocery cart. But, let me tell is so worth it!

(FYI: I actually take my own recycled bags so I didn't even have to worry with a cart.)

Here's what all I purchased today:

A Bag of Spinach Salad

A Can of Tomato Sauce

A Lemon

A package of 3 large Yellow Squash

(2) 1 lb pkg of fresh Broccoli

A 1 lb pkg of Bananas

A 2 lb pkg of Red Grapes

A 1 lb pkg of Strawberries

A 3 lb bag of premium Gala Apples

4 large Fuji Apples - you can buy apples individually!

1 Granny Smith Apple

My Grand Total = $15.68

Now that is incredible! Try buying all that at Reasors, Food Pyramid or even Wal-Mart, and you will pay almost twice that amount.

So, my point is...I'M ALL ABOUT ALDI!

(Side note: I mainly only purchase produce there...not crazy about processed, packaged food. Their produce is really, really good! And, if you ever have a problem, they will take anything back and refund your money!)

Here are some local Aldi locations:

ALDI Bixby, OK
8207 E. 103rd Street SouthBixby, OK 74008
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am - 7pm

ALDI Broken Arrow, OK
2400 W. Kenosha StreetBroken Arrow, OK 74012
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am - 7pm

ALDI Tulsa, OK
12572 E. 21st StreetTulsa, OK 74129
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am - 7pm

ALDI Owasso, OK
9285 Owasso ExpresswayOwasso, OK 74055
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am-6pm


p.s. Another TIP: You can take your Sunday Aldi ad with you to your local Wal-Mart and they will price match the produce, i.e. 1 lb bag of carrots .89 cents, broccoli $1.29 lb, etc. - I do this a LOT too! :)


Monday, February 23, 2009

Chick Save Your Receipt Day!

(And FYI: the new South Memorial location opens March 5th...WOO HOO!)

Another Great Deal from Send Me My Deals!

kruley ,

Monday, February 23rd, is the day that you have come to love. It's "Save Your Receipt Day" from Chick-fil-A. Keep your receipt from Monday's visit to be used as a one time coupon during the month of March. That's right, whatever you purchase today you'll get for FREE again in March. Make your purchase between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm on Monday, February 23rd, 2009.

This offer is good at the following locations:

Eastside Market
Woodland Hills Mall
Tulsa Promenade Mall
Owasso Market

Eat More Chicken,
The Send Me My Deals Team


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Ella Bella & her "Slumberella"

My precious angel made her entrance on February 17th, 2004

weighing in at only 5 lbs, 14 ounces

She was the most amazingly good baby there ever was...truly.I loved dressing Ella like a little doll...

Ella was always happy and made my heart pitter patter every time I looked at her.

Today, my little Ella Bella turns 5!
I almost can't even type that number. She will always be my "baby girl"...forever. The thought of her going off to Kindergarten next year makes me want to ball. She seems so much more fragile than the others for some reason. So dainty.

In the mean time, we are all about celebrating this incredible little girl that God has blessed our family with. The birthday party request was for an "almost sleepover" that we termed "SLUMBERELLA"!

The party day began with my little chefs helping me make HEART shaped pancakes to serve at our "Pancake Sundae Bar".

Both my girls LOVE them some pancakes!

The Slumberella invitation

The Birthday Princess also requested cupcakes of course!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Party Favors ~ bags full of pajama party goodies!

Ella getting warmed up for the party...

Owen makes his entrance...totally perplexed by the site of 14 little girls in his den!
Time to introduce our Animal Friends

Autographing Ella's Special B'day Pillowcase

The activities begin..

Cousin Zoe keeps an eye on the lil' monkey

He just cannot believe that there's a big bowl of popcorn sitting at his disposal...can this be true?!

Dr. Abby's Vet Clinic for all our little friends' animals to visit

Oma's Nail Salon

Manicures for all!

The Party Pals

turned into Sleeping Beauties

Pass the Pillow Game

Time for the Heart Shaped Pancake Sundae Bar!!

~ A true piece of art~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Umm...chocolate milk to go with them!

Princess Minnie even wants one!

Time for Strawberry Shortcake's "Moonlight Mystery" Movie
Lil' Miss Peyton...such a Cutie!

*~" Happy Birthday to you!"~*

I missed the "blowing of the candle" so this was Ella doing her fake blow so I could get a pic...pretty convincing. :)

The most adorable custom apron from they come in Momma's size??

Whoa...I know I'm gonna like's BIG!

Pre-school Pals that everyone's gone I can finally suck my thumb!
(Ella has to say goodbye to her beloved thumb today...our family rule is that no one can such their thumb after they turn 5. Three down, one more to go. Yes - all four of my children sucked their thumb...what are the chances?!!)
A mother's treasure is her daughter. ~Catherine Pulsifer
I LOVE YOU ELLA BELLA...You are a sparkling, beautiful GEM! There is no doubt that God has quite a magnificent plan in store for your life!! I simply cannot wait to see it unfold. You are the apple of His eye...and ours. XOXOXOXO