Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*A Delicious Dazzling Dallas Trip*

What an AMAZING trip to the Big D we had this past week!
It began with a stop at the famous IKEA store...we had never been. It was quite fun. (Did you know they have their own little restaurant inside?)
The boys then moved on to the PGA Golf Store while the girls and I headed to the wonderful StoneBriar Mall where Miss Ella got to ride on a Carousel. It was especially fun since she has totally been into Mary Poppins lately!

It was then time to head to our hotel for the official check in. My kids were so excited!
(A little parental hint: all you need for a vacation with kids is a hotel with a pool...that's it! Doesn't matter where it is...just a room with a bed & a pool to swim in.)

We stayed at the wonderful Marriott at Legacy Shops in Plano. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it! It was FABULOUS!!

Our Suite was the bomb!
The kids always think it's sooo cool to be able to sleep in the same room as Mom & Dad.

Will, Abby & Ella could hardly wait to get in the pool and jacuzzi! It's been since September that they have gotten to swim!

Yes, my Abby Lou thinks she's a fashion model. :)

I just love watching my girls interact.

Sisterly Love....awwww.



Off to the brand new BENIHANA in Plano.
We met my sister Kim and her kiddo's there.

Our chef, Edgar (what a name, right?!) loved us so much that he wrote "I heart you" with the fried rice. The heart even "beat" for us!

Fascination with chopsticks...

Abby's closest cousin on my side, Miss Emma Delaney. Such cuties!

At long last, the thing my kids could NOT wait to experience...COLDSTONE CREAMERY! (It was our very most favorite ice cream joint here in T-Town...it sadly closed a few months ago.)

We love you Coldstone!

The Fam

Some outdoor fun with cousins.

Ahhh...breakfast in bed.
Well, if Pop Tarts count. :)
(Whole wheat version of course for those of you who are shocked that I would feed my kids Pop Tarts! LOL :)

Okay, here's one of the funniest parts of the whole trip! We had three big, comfy full size beds to sleep in...and my little Slumberella creates her own "homemade bed" out of a chair and ottoman. I couldn't believe my eyes when I went in to greet her the next morning!

Abby said she was adament about sleeping in the chair! Ella claims to have had a great sleep.

Back to the bed for some cartoons...

They think it's super cool to watch t.v. in bed since none of them will be allowed to have a t.v. in their room until many, many years from now!

Off to one of Daddy's favorite Dallas stops...

(This was actually later in the afternoon, but bloggy won't let me adjust the order of my pics.)
The Greggor and I pretending we're on our 2nd Honeymoon sipping on some red wine watching the Nino's take another dip in the pool.

At long last, it's time for our AMERICAN GIRL DOLL Store Bistro Debut!!

Abby has her Mia and Ella her Ruthie...all in matching tee's of course!

My girls were gazing at the Doll Hair Salon in hopes of having their own dolls there later that day...

Time for our Girly Lunch!

Ruthie & Mia even had their own little chairs!

Heart & Star shaped Fruit Kabob!

Our SMORE SUNDAE! It was absolutely DEE-LISH!!

In the mean time, the boys hit the Galleria Ice Rink for some Skatin'!

Greg even took to the ice...too bad we didn't get any photo's of that!!

The girls run over for a peek...

Will was so excited to show us his skills!

Back to the AGD Store...Miss Ruthie & Mia were due for their Makeovers. :)

Mia went for the twist pony look...
Such Sophistication!

One happy Momma!

Will is hanging on by a thread...

Miss Ruthie went for half piggies!

Voila! We are ready to say our goodbye after many an hour there.

It was a day we will never forget...

Dinner at the Scotts that evening...they WOWed us with an incredible spread and a lovely evening outside in their beautiful backyard! Ashley ~ it was so much fun spending time w/ you and your precious family!!! Can't wait to do it again!

The view from our hotel balcony...check it out! Seriously, it was stunning!

The girls wanted a little morning sunshine.

Our last day...our unknown photographer had a little trouble with centering...LOL!

Uh oh...we just couldn't resist...ONE more stop at Coldstone. This time, cheesecake flavor w/ fresh strawberries...umm umm. (Our usual fave is cake batter w/ brownie & fudge)

Off to see my B/F from college, Kate. She is due ANY second with #4...a little boy after three girls! I was SOOOO sad that she didn't have him while I was there. Instead, she had him Monday morning...the day after I returned home.
(Will post on that soon!)
5 of our 8 Kiddo's...our traditional pic. (From L to R: Eliza - 10, Will - almost 10, Claire - 7 1/2, Abby - 7 1/2, Ella - 5) We're missing Annie - 17 months and new Baby Mack - 27 hours old and then the O-Man of course (2 yrs)...he hung back in T-Town w/ his Oma.

Our Final destination...my sister Kim's house in Frisco for a Family Dinner.
My kids were DYING to see their baby cousin, Austin. He is 7 months old and as Cute as a Button! Seriously...couldn't you just eat him up!!!

The Cousin's

The Adults - sans Greg & my lil brother Kendall
(they were off watching OU on t.v.)

This was one of the most fun, action-packed Spring Break trips of all time. We had an absolute blast seeing all of our friends & family, swimming, shopping, eating & licking up bowls of Coldstone ice cream! Thanking God for allowing us to have a chance to get away, relax, and create wonderful family memories. Counting the days until we can do it again...