Monday, September 1, 2014

Fun with Forever Friends

Labor Day Weekend Fun with some of our Dearest Friends
Abby and Lauragale have been friends since they were 18 months old!
We met at our beloved Asbury.
These two beauties have gone from outgoing lil' toddlers to teenage Beauties!!
They both look so much like their Daddies! 
(Abby's built like Momma, but her face screams Ruley genes!)
 The Dudes
 The Chicka's
The Love Birds
 Since the Ralstons have moved to Fort Smith, we don't get the chance to do this very often...spending time with these peeps is priceless! A beautiful August night, fajitas, and scrumptious chocolate ganache cake made for a treasured time. If only we could do this every weekend...