Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Happenings

It's that time of year for...
The Ark Couples Christmas Party
(our 16th annual party was held at the Barnes this year)
Gingerbread house decorating,

Christmas tree decorating
and gift wrapping,
Stockings hung by the chimney with care.
(did miss my stone hearth at our old house)
JSE Class Christmas Parties
Owen's Kindergarten Class singing Jingle Bells
O's awesome teacher Mrs. Jones 
(who is substituting while Ms Kackley recovers from surgery)
Lovin' his Santa donut
and I was lovin' my baby boy...I could eat him up too!
Miss Walker's 3rd Grade Class Party
(sadly, this was Mallory & Ella's very last time to be in class with one another; M is moving to Monte Casino after the break :-( )
Ella and Reese
(Reese's dad and I are their Homeroom Parents)
Girls of Grace Christmas Gathering at my casa
(missing Christina)
The annual Southern Hills Children's Christmas Party
My look alike with his Papa
The kids flocked to their favorite activity...*The Balloon Makin' Guy.
Here's Abby with her "Shoe Balloon"
Little man in a Love Sandwich
Mimi and Ella snuggle up
Abby and Zoe got married...don't worry, they are cousins and can't really do that. ;-)
Will and Preston made their way to the men's lounge for some manly down time watching sports and playing on their phones
The Balloon Train
Abby finds a mini piano...reminds me of Charlie Brown
Nana and Grandad's Christmas Extravaganza
December 23rd, 2012
Aunt Gayle and Ella were Twinkies!
13 of their 16 grandkids
gather for the anticipated gift opening
American Girl ballerina outfit and book
Abby stacks it up...
Ella's surprise gift...
Baby Alex
(this was a HUGE hit with out lil' Momma!)
Owie waiting patiently for his turn
his new, needed baseball glove for his upcoming 2nd season - which shockingly starts in January! 
This is all I need for Christmas...
need I say more?!  ;-)
Went with a cool typography art piece as one of their gifts this year
Grandad's favorite...cuddling with Sister and Samantha
Cutie Patooties
Owen's favorite gift of the night? Yep, a bag of pretzel chips.
Ella and Baby Alex pose for their first Mother/Son pic
Only two more days til Jesus' Birthday...a few more festivities to come and then it will be family down time to enjoy the reason for the season!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nutcracker x2

I've always wanted to take my girls to see *The Nutcracker.*
Despite just returning from a whirlwind trip to Disneyworld, I knew THIS was the year to go. 
Between the two girls, they participate in seven (yes 7!) different dance classes...ranging from Hip Hop to Jumps and Turns to Ballet.
Thus, I knew they would really appreciate the dancing they were about to see. And boy did they! Abby was in awe of the amount of pirouettes and turns the dancers could do. So sad I couldn't take any snapshots of the was truly stunning!!
As if we didn't take in enough Nutcrackers that afternoon, we then moved on to real life Nutcrackers! 
Abby's Hip Hop Dance Class was putting on a video for their dance instructor Cross. He is a producer of dance video's - ooh la la!
The girls were supposed to be "Nutcrackers" and then dance accordingly. Cross played a magician type character who would bring them "to life." I'll put the youtube link to the dance as soon as it is uploaded. :-)
This is Abby & Savi - dear friends since Kindergarten. (LOVE that they are the same size!!)
The girls with the professional hip hop ensemble that helped produce the video.
After watching dancing all afternoon and all evening, I think I may have turned into a Nutcracker myself!
"Clara: This is all like a dream come true. The Land of the Dolls is so beautiful and everyone's so kind. I've known some of you all my life. And to think we could all be together forever. Nutcracker: Then you'll stay. (Clara hangs her head) Clara, what is it? Clara: Oh, I want to. I want to stay with you, I do. But... Nutcracker: But? But what?