Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fun with Family

Friday, July 19th, 2013
Such fun was had when we got the chance to have some of our nephews over to swim and hang out!
This is Grant (13) with my Will (14). They've been buds their whole life. They usually go to Shepherds Fold together each summer, but unfortunately, Will was not able to go this year due to 2 church camps and all his golf commitments. :-(
This is Austin (almost 5) and my Owen (6 1/2). They, too, are buds who I wish were able to spend more time together. Austin lives in Edmond so we only get to see him a few times a year.
Our Special Guest of Honor for the day...*GRANDMA! I was so delighted to have her out to watch the kids was so good for her spirit.
 Here's a little glimpse of the "pool show" she watched...
 Will flying in
Miss Ella was the "Server" of the snack cart. :-)
Lunch Time! 
I'm still giggling about Will saying it was "the best" sandwich I've ever made! All I did was buy a loaf of everything flavored French Bread...I guess it tasted far better than the typical whole wheat bread we have. :-} And, oh...the homemade Porter Peach Cobbler that my Mom brought...still humming.
Cousin Pic
(Owen, Grant, Austin, Will, Ella) 
Giving thanks to God for carving out this special day with those we Love

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NLR Meant to Be

Looong story short...a lil' miracle occurred and Abby is heading off to her 1st week of overnight camp at New Life Ranch. She did go to Asbury's "Discipleship Camp" for 4 days in early June (her actual very 1st camp experience). 
After months of drama of trying to get her and 3 of her Jenks compadres in Week 4 to no avail, the other 3 moved to Week 7. I talked Abby into staying at Week 4 so she and Ella could go the same week. Literally the day before leaving, she decided she'd rather not go. :-(
A few days later, I e-mailed my NLR contact and asked to switch her to Week 7 to be with her friends. Her response - "Abby is #12 on the waiting list for 7th grade girls". Basically - no way Hosea is she gettin' in. Abby was sad, I was kinda relieved...only because of the stress of all the travel and packing involved right around our family lake wkend.
Well, as you can see....the Lord worked a miracle, and she got in! 
We knew there was definitely a reason.
1st Day Swim Test
7th Grade Girls Cabin Pic
(found out she was in a cabin with almost all Jenks girls! and...even with one of my sorority sister's daughters who goes to Jenks West)
Morning Camp Party
Trust Walk with heavy rock in hand
releasing burdens (rocks)
Adios heaviness...Ola Freedom in Christ!
Morning Camp Party again
Cabin Challenge - sponge game with feet
Abby chose "Low Ropes" one day as an elective...
and she was THE ONLY GIRL!! ;-)
she ended up winning an award for this :-)
and they're off...
Decades Week Photo Booth
and daughter's the one with the 'Fro 
Final Morning of Camp
Savi and Abby's bunks
Miss Bev (A's Counselor #1)
Miss Kenzie (A's Counselor #2)
Her award from her counselors was: "Encouragement"
She also got the "Most Creative & Artistic" Arts and Crafts award (no surprise - she's amazingly talented)
Soooo grateful that these precious friends got to experience this together!
Romey went SPASTIC when she saw her favorite girl after 10 long days (between Lake wkend & camp)...seriously almost licked Abby's face off!! 
Abby's favorite memories of the week: Worship...especially "Unplugged" on the last night where kids shared testimonies and they took song requests. She loved the giant trampoline at free time (new this year), arts and crafts (making a modge podge journal), winning the "Pit and Palace" award (cleanest cabin), and most of all, spending time with her Jenks friends!

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Life for Ella

Sunday, June 23rd
My baby girl is about to leave for her 1st overnight camp at New Life Ranch. She's the first of our kiddo's to go there (Will & Abby went to Jenks Wild there, and I went as a kid on a retreat)
I can't believe she's already old enough to do this!
I remember going to Camp Takatoka with Lizzy at the exact same age!!
Greg and I were so tickled about how excited she fear whatsoever.
Plus, this is our girl who doesn't touch a ball or run; thus, this was BIG for her! :-)
Daddy walking his baby girl to her cabin
Ella meets her counselors...Brittany and Aubrey 
already making herself at home... 
(and we'd like to give a shout out to the B's for lending us the snazzy hanging organizer & tie dyed laundry bag - u all are the best!)
 My brunettes
One of Ella's BF's arrives and bunks up right above El
 Swim Test
1st Cabin Pic
(*Holiday Week - obviously they went with Easter!)
Ella's other BF shows up - Reese! 
Each morning I would anxiously scroll through over 200 pictures to see if there was one of my girl...I was giddy when I saw this one!! :-) I looove when she has a teeth showin' grin!
Holiday Booth Cabin Pic
outdoor game - not sure what's goin' on here??
Saturday, June 29th 
We left around 7:15 am to go pick up our girl...we found her walking back from breakfast to her cabin...obviously she had fun doing her own hair and dressing herself!

One last pic with Brittany & Aubrey before we leave
Ella said her favorite camp experiences were "free time", arts & crafts, swimming, and of course...eating all the candy & goodies she was sent! ;-)