Monday, May 25, 2009


I can hardly keep up with everything...I have always referred to May as the "2nd December" - busy, busy, busy! But, all SUPER FUN events!!
WARNING: This blog entry is on the extremely photo intensive side! It's so dang hard to narrow 23 days down to just a few pics!!
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The kiddo's built a GIGANTIC FORT out of pillows & blankets to sleep in over the Holiday Weekend. Amazingly, they went to sleep at a decent hour!A Rockin' Block Party in our good friends' Cul de Sac...Band and all! It was such a BLAST!!
Abby going to town on the hula hoop!
* ELVIS made an appearance!!

The girls WENT WILD for the E-Man!
And for this man! a.k.a. "The Ladies Man"
My Girly Girls
Adorning one of their favorite Matilda Jane get ups.
A Sigma Chi Get Together at a good friend's was SO MUCH fun!!
(So much better than those stinky fraternity house parties!)

Aren't they getting so grown up & mature?!

The little kids dined in the foyer at a picnic table due to Mother Nature raining on our parade.

Miss Abby at her Tumbling Class...and yes, she is vertically challenged like her Momma!

Working on her back handspring

The Fam on their way to Abby's 1st Piano Recital

How Pretty is this Clubhouse?!

Abby was first up and did an AMAZING job!!

Her smile melts my heart. I was SO PROUD of her.

The littlens and I have been making frequent stops at various parks around town due to all this gorgeous weather we've been having. This day Hunter Park was our destination.

Ella Bella...just a swingin'!

Pure Happiness

This was one of the most comical, yet precious things to watch. Owen (2 1/2 yrs) made friends with Victor (4 yrs). They instantly took to each other. They saw a squirrel and tried to chase it down. That led to a game of chase between the two. They ran....

And ran...........

And ran............

And ran...........

And ran...........

And FINALLY took a break to stop and pet a nearby dog.

My little princess decided to try out some climbing.
She was so proud of herself...she's usually not the daring type.

Owen getting ready for his last day of pre-school ~ Water Play Day. He couldn't wait to give his teachers their pitchers of hot pink roses.

Miss Michelle & Miss Kathy ~ We LOVE U!!

Ella's Water Play Day

Good Friends

Drying off and enjoying popsicles

This girl sure does love to swing!

And pose. :)

The O-Man trying to mimic Ella's pose.

Silly Goose!

The morning of Mother's Day...bringing Mommy breakfast in bed!
Opening all my beautiful homemade cards and gifts.

Listening to Mom read the two page interview Daddy did with all four kids...then typed up all their answers for me to have and enjoy forever. It was PRICELESS.
(Favorite memory with Mom, how are you most like Mom, favorite thing to do with Mom, what you most admire about Mom, something you'd like to do with Mom, funniest memory with Mom, if you could buy Mom anything, what would it be?)

My dream of being a Mother of Four has come true. I even always wanted two boys and two girls...I still can't believe God blessed me with this family. How could one be so lucky??
More homeade gifts...

Off to church...Mommy's favorite outing of the week!

My little Knight in Shining of my great garage sale finds!

My dear friend Brent's "Blingy Surprise Soiree"

So Grateful for this Girl!
She's one of those rare finds...the kind you tuck away in your treasure chest and cherish forever.


*~Christina's Masterpiece~*

Some of Brent's Biggest Fans

Spring Sing & Mother's Day Tea

I will so desperately miss having these two home together...we have had such a fantastic year together. I CANNOT believe my baby girl will be in Kindergarten next year! It just can't be...

South Tulsa Baptist ELP Spring Sing

What happened when I asked Ella to pose for a photo with her good friend Myah

Oh boy...looks like they're going down!

Yep...they're down!
It doesn't get much sillier than these two Peas in a Pod!

THE Mother's Day Tea...a day I look forward to with each of my children. They sing to us, serve us yummy treats, give us homemade crafts, and get their picture taken with us. I was so thankful that this wasn't my last one...the waterworks would have started if it would have been.
(Well,'s my last one with Miss Ella, but I held on to my emotions knowing I still had the O-Man's 3 & 4 yr old Teas to go!)
I adore you my Ella Bella...I am so proud of you and all that you have learned this year. I love that you are my "kissing bandit" are the only one of the four that consistently chooses me (over Daddy). You melt my heart.
The Girls of Pre-K ~ sure do hope we keep in touch!

My big 10 yr old B'day Boy got what he has been wanting for ABERCROMBIE zip up hooded jacket. I kid you not, he wore it for a week straight!
(I can't believe "labels" are already making a way into his life. Although, I do remember on my 10th b'day getting my 1st pair of GUESS overalls and I think I wore them every day for a week too! LOL!!)
One Happy Boy
Grandad (Greg's Dad) presenting Will with the framed picture of Tiger Woods that he has been longing for for months...he read the sweetest message to Will that was written on the back. It was a moment I know will stay with Will forever. The picture hangs proudly.
World's Greatest Grandma with the B'day Boy

Uh Oh...the party is officially over and it's time for NACHO (libre) to make an appearance! The Greggor pulls out his beloved mask only for very special occasions such as this. :)
We still have another Wild Week of May to go...Memorial Day get together at Nana & Grandad's, my Brother's B'day Dinner at Oma's, the 1st night of the Esther Study, Abby's Class Ice Cream Social, Will's 4th Grade Graduation Party, a Wedding, and Birthday Parties. Hold on tight...YEEEEE HA!