Sunday, June 30, 2013

Late Night Blessing

I am up late (way too late) tonight working on some photo editing and various to do list items, and I ran across this photo taken on my 39th Birthday...just 15 days ago.
My heart stopped.
Look at these was I so lucky to be blessed with each one of those blue eyed beauties! I cannot believe they are all mine!!
(My very favorite part of the pic is that even my Bella is showing teeth - she's super into closed mouth smiles lately.)
This post is dedicated to my Abba Father...the One responsible for all the LOVE in my life.
My cup truly overfloweth with gratitude...
(Did I mention I'm married to the most amazing man who I also must thank - without him...none of my cherished children would be here.)
The older I get...the more I want to soak up every single second.
"The Joy of the Lord is My Strength."
Nehemiah 8:10

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rise 'n Ring!

So, our little darling has been BEGGING for a phone for about 2 months now. Our initial thought way Hosea. But, as we marinated on the idea, we started to see some reasons why it might just be a good idea.
And, according to our Abby Lou...there are MANY reasons why it would be a good idea:
On May 30, 2013, at 9:49 AM, Abby Ruley wrote:
* I will contact you if there's an emergency

*I will call people!

*i won't get on the Internet without permission
*I will delete youtube 
*I can call you from school if pom schedules change or for any other school reason
*I can do stuff without having to have wifi
*I will babysit,vacuum, and do dishes to pay for the phone bills
*I can play music without wifi
*I can express my personality with a awesome case!!
*on the IPhone adults can apply the parental controls where adult can block stuff
*i won't stalk my crush or brothers and sisters 
* I won't prank call (cant anyways)
* I will let you know my password
*I will not give out my number to random people
*I will only get apps with your permission
*Literally all my friends have one!
*I won't EVER drop it
*I can FaceTime without wifi
* Siri!!
*Its the cool thing to have
* emoji
* I can go places without having to use someone else's phone :-(
*more storage
* create your own voicemail!
* unlimited texting
*unlimited calling
*free games

In order to reaaally surprise her, we decided to wait until the day after her actual birthday.  
So, early on the morning of Friday, June 7th, we tied up Abby's favorite thine (Romey) with our card and carried up her gift.
We awoke Sleeping Beauty with Romey on her bed :-)
The message written in our card explained why we felt that it was time for her to take this step...and honestly, the biggest one wasn't even realized until late the night before. After opening what she thought was all of her gifts the night before, and then gracefully thanking us for a lovely evening and all her new presents...I was so moved that I had a daughter who desperately wanted something that she did not receive and yet did not say one.single.negative.word about not getting it. I was beaming with love for this girl of mine...I was so proud that she acted so much better than I ever would have at her age.
What a Girl of God she is! She inspires me!!
Abby had tears in her eyes and was full of joy
Daddy showin her the ropes
then big bro had so share some iphone skillz as well
Her 1st call
p.s. Another cool side story to this is that my old Iphone 4 that we thought had seen its last day back in December, came back alive when we went to see about getting it fixed to give to Abby...seriously, we had a phone resurrection!!

5th Night 12th Birthday

Like Mother Like Daughter
my Abby Lou wanted to celebrate her "actual" B'day at our favorite family summer event, Utica's Summers 5th Night
and to make it EXTRA wanted our Romey to join us :-)
The Fam
Abby with her Mimi
Aunt Lynn, Oma and Grandpa were there too
Abby's Birthday Menu: Pizza, Salad, Cheesecake and...
chocolate chip stuffed raspberries...YUMMY!
Abby was blessed with awesome b'day gifts...lots of fun, girly things!
Well...except for this beauty...a garage sale score that her Momma knew she would love. Ha!
Will and Romes cuddle up
Ella, with her very own money, gifted Abby with a leopard sock bun she has been desperately wanting and some super cool croc socks! (love sisters!!)
(Mid Life Crisis rocked the square)

Dancing with my 3 girls...yes, that includes Romey girl ;-)
Ended the night with "Shout!!!"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun with Fultons Summer '13

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013
My bestie was in town and brought her gang over for a day of swimming and hanging out.
Oh how I wish she lived her...
With four kids each, we are outnumbered big time - but we wouldn't have it any other way. We both always wanted big families, and God has graciously provided us with them!
(Claire 12, Owen 6, Annie 5, Eliza 14, Ella 9, Abby 12
missing Will - at Asbury youth leadership camp, and Mack had pink eye)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ramped for Camp

This is Owen with his BFF.
They met in pre-school, and even though they are at different schools now, are still holding on tight.
 Monday, June 3rd, 2013
The boys are a wee bit excited about their 1st day of Camp Loughridge
(Ryan's big brother patiently waiting for them to join him for a photo)
It was the little guys' first time to go...and they had a blast!
 So much fun getting to ride together each morning

I could eat those two grins up!
and yes...mine always has to end a photo session with some sort of rad pose
why is that?? 
hmmm...probably got that from me ;-)
Friday, June 7th
The Final Camp Ceremony
Owen receiving his award from his counselor

His two awards:
*Bold and *Determined
(definitely two that none of my other kids have ever cool that they are all so unique)
Grateful to God for blessing these boys with each other
(and I adore his Mommy too)
One last Bro Pic ;-)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

 Dancing through Life with this girl of mine...truly cannot imagine my life without this compassionate, generous, creative, beautiful girl that God oh so blessed me with 12 years ago today. ✿ Happy Happy Birthday Abby Lou!!! ✿

Monday, June 3, 2013

Branson Getaway

The 8-Pack arrive at the Wyndham in Branson for our Couples Getaway Weekend
(shout out to J's stepdad for hooking us up!)
Our condo suitemates and friends of 15 years ~ M and C
Big G and I are ready to move in for the weekend
 Dude chill time
Friday, May 31st
Cantina Laredo on the Landing
- yummy Mexican...fajitas of course for the G man
Beautiful waterfront view
Saturday, June 1st
Shopping at Branson Landing and later at outlets

while our boys golf not just one round...but two
(Happy B'day Randy!) ;-)
lucky to have 'em
Dressed and ready for our last night out
Love these girls!
(somehow I missed the note to wear a dress)
Finale Dinner ~ Sho Gun
We ended with Part II of our Couples Game Night back at the Condo's...never laughed so hard.
Brownies, popcorn, wine and fun...lots and lots of FUN.