Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From Vegas to Home...Celebration Cont.

February 1st, 2014
Despite us still feeling 25, my best friend and hubby turned the BIG 4-0.
We began the celebration in Vegas...and ended it
at our Home * Sweet * Home
just in time to get xoxo's from Miss Romey and the rest of the gang
Mimi and Abby did such a great job of getting the house decorated...and Oma homemade my love's very favorite b'day dessert - Boston Creme Pie! (yes, it's actually a cake)
Gift Time!
O got Big Daddy some Red Bullet...his very fave beverage
O was so excited about his picking nose b'day card!
Abby got some of G's favorite items: beef jerky, Swiss rolls, and then a Subway and QT card to use for weekday lunch 
Greg's new Michael Kors lamb leather coat
(from me, his Momma and my parents)
 Our firstborn with his Dade
Even Romey had a card for Daddy. :-)
It was Romey Ireland's Birthday too! She turned the big One!
Oma and Abby picked her up a doggie cupcake at the Dog Dish.
The Fam 
(minus Ella who had a close friend's b'day slumber party...and middle children do not miss a social event! Trust me! ;-) )
He still makes my heart go pitter patter
Make a Wish!
My Dad was SO proud of his customized Nacho Libre card...I couldn't even get him to stop chuckling for a pic!
One of my Dad's best yet...
The Kids made a Poster of the "40 Reasons Why We Love You"
One More B'day Surprise
Basket of 40 Cards and Letters from close friends and fun and meaningful hearing him read them aloud. Just more confirmation of the Ahhhmazing Man that I married!
Met this boy 26 years ago at the Bishop Kelley freshman lock in...always had a magnetic pull to him which began with a 2 year friendship and then ended with a 6 year courtship. We are now 17 1/2 years into the most incredible marriage and love story ever. I truly don't deserve any of the goodness that God has given me, but I count my blessings I fall more in love with this phenomenal Man of God with each passing year. He is by far THE BEST GIFT I have ever received. My Birthday wish is for him to feel the depth of the love I have for him each day for the rest of his life...that I can fill his heart and his days with everything good.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Happens In Vegas...

Friday, January 24th, 2014
My honey dropped this love note off at my hairdressers for me...pitter patter
(a little background...tried with all my might to surprise G by showing up in Vegas while he was there for an ING conference...after no luck figuring out how to get a flight and change his return flight without him knowing, I eventually nonchalantly brought up the idea of me coming in on the tail end of his week there. He was super pumped about the idea. So, from there, I went on to come up with other surprises to make it a weekend to remember!)
Sunday, January 25th
Me at home watching Grammy's getting soooo excited when I saw Pink on the red carpet!
(this will make sense later) :-)
Monday, January 27th
Greg playing his 1st of 2 rounds of Vegas Golf
The 3 Amigos
(Dave, George, Greg)
Thursday, January 30th
Let the good times roll...
Arrived in Vegas, dropped my luggage off with Caesar's bell hop and headed over to the Paris Hotel to commence my birthday plans for my love
Texted G this picture and said, "Meet me in Paris"
(Paris was the code name of the spot where we used to go make out in high school)
A lady in waiting...
the view
My Handsome boy arrives...
just like 23 years ago...we loved being in "Paris"
 had to hit the Sugar Factory and grab a S'mores cookie on the way out :-))
Off to the Cosmopolitan to check out all their gorgeous chandeliers
Look who I run into on my way to my hotel room 
This is how we let the cat out of the bag...sent this picture of the three of us laying in George's hotel room's bed out via our Touch texting app..."SURPRISE!"
Greg leaves his afternoon meeting and comes up to find this...
ING Wine & Champagne Tasting
ING Dinner Entertainment 
(Dave, and some random, getting pic with Elvis and Tina Turner; also had Elton John who was awesome but not pictured)
Friday, January 31st
Time for Momma's favorite...some Shopping!
(don't worry...Big Daddy loves him some shopping too)
Caesar's Forum Shops are just Glorious for a Fashionista!
3 Story H & M
Got this bracelet at Anthropologie since my honey's birthday is truly the "best day ever"
Late lunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill
I had the most incredible salmon and G had a 10" tall burger...yummmmm
A little more Vegas venturing
The Venetian
The Wynn/Palazzo
The famous bakery Kelly B told me to be sure to visit
Expresso caramel cupcake...deliciousness
Back to the hotel to freshen up for our Big Surprise B'day Celebration Nite!
Two of our most favorite people in the world...we have traveled the world with them and cherish every fabulous memory made! 
The Shoes
Took cab down to MGM for dinner at The Grand Wok
My "Bestie from the Westie" and I
George hanging in the Bird Cage...haha!
Birthday boy's Chinese dessert after our yummy sushi
forgot to mention that we finally let b'day boy in on what we had up our sleeves for the evening...we had him guess by starting with the color on our dresses :-)
One word for the concert: INCREDIBLE
The *Lucky Charm socks had to come out for our travel back to Caesars
G literally turned 40 (on Vegas time) as we dined on a midnight snack of pizza
Saturday, February 1st
With two hours to spare before needed to head to airport, we hit the famous Fashion Mall where I found some stunning Vince Camuto shoes and some darling duds for my girlies at Forever 21. 
My honey snapping a shot of me grabbing a SB latte for the cab ride to airport.
Farewell to one of the best weekends of our lives...we weren't ready to leave yet, but as Greg always says, "better to leave wanting more" :-)
To the Love of My Love...Happy 40th Birthday! 
Wish we could do this every weekend.