Friday, July 17, 2009

One Sensational Southern Wedding!

I had this blog entry completely finished last Saturday...hit enter...and POOF! It was gone! I seriously cried. I had worked hours on editing and uploading all the pics, working out the strange spacing kinks that my blog site is famous for, then writing out the storyline. My main goal was to allow all our Tulsa Friends who were unable to attend Jake & Courtney's Wedding to get a glimpse of what it would have been like to have been there.

Well, here I am days later in a hotel in California on vacation with my family...and I am going to attempt this again on Greg's laptop ~ which is not typer friendly, so this is going to be short and sweet this time.

My Honey and I decided to add a day to our trip down to the Wedding. We made a stop at my favorite restaurant in Plano, NAAN. Incredible Sushi!!
The next morning we made a stop at my best friend from college's house to meet her new baby boy ~ Ryan McCoy Fulton, a.k.a. "Mack". He is the 1st boy after three beautiful girls. :)
We made it to Madisonville! Population 4,000 or so.
Here's my handsome Hubby lounging before we headed off for our 1st Wedding event.
Not only is Hair BIG in Texas, so are the BUGS!! Holy Moly!
The Rehearsal Cocktail hour was held at the historical Woodbine Bed & Breakfast.
I LOVED this place! It was so full of charm & character!
We ran into the beautiful bride, Courtney, on her way in!
College Friends
The Rehearsal
Headed to Leona, TX for the Rehearsal Dinner
Our Destination: The Leona Country Store

The Bar
The Dining Room
I absolutely DUG this place! I definitely have a country girl hiding inside. :)
Not only are Hair & Bugs are the Steaks!
In fact, they were SO big, and SO good, that all the guys took a field trip back to see the grill.

My new pal Shelly who I hung out with all weekend.
Look at that smile! You can already tell what a wonderful Momma Courtney is gonna be one day. She's holding Heather's new baby girl Ellie. She was sooo precious!!
The Toasts began.
Love & Laughter
They were gifted with a Blue Velvet Elvis. :)
Jake surprise Courtney with a picture video...tears ensued.
Wedding Day!
Bridal Breakfast back at the Woodbine B & B.
Our Darling Place Settings.
All the Bridal GirliesCourtney's sweet Grandma blessing her with words about how to always keep your husband #1
Courtney with friends and sisters (on far right)
The Wedding Chambers (Newlyweds room)
Mother of the Bride loving on the Bride to Be
With a few hours to kill before the big event, we headed off to get some of the famous peaches we had heard about...oh they were good!
Have you heard of Buc-ee's?!
It's THE COOLEST convenient store I've ever been to. Only in Texas.
Home of homemade fudge, roasted almonds, jerkey, everything you can think of.
It's a MUST stop if you ever happen upon one!
* Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jake Cain!*
The Flower Girls
The Glowing Bride
Time for the Party!
It began in the backyard of the Smith Family Ranch Home.
They had a silver tray of fans for guests to cool off with.
They thought of everything!
The first hour was a coctail hour, Country Style!
Best little band you ever did hear!
Sippin' on Peach Margarita's out of Mason jars
The Bride visiting with guests
Waiters bustling around with yummy appetizers...fried okra on this tray
It was Hollywood meets Country...I could have stayed here all night and been happy. But, oh...there's so much more to come!!
Taking in the moment...
Still in love after 19 years...
Oh, funniest thing...many of the guests thought Greg was a pastor since he and I had read scripture at the Wedding and then he carried around his Bible for the first hour of the reception. LOL!!! Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a foreshadow of what's to come...
My favorite food of the evening....well, it's probably a tie with the homemade bread pudding and pecan praline ice cream we had for "Snack" around 10:30 p.m.
Sweet Potatoe Fries with Chipolte Mayo....DELISH!!!!!!
"Pastor Greg" ready to head over to the 2nd half of the night...
Guests were escorted in golf carts over to the Pavillion that Daddy Smith had built for this glorious event...felt like a movie...Steel Magnolia's meets Father of the Bride!
Wait until you see the inside!!!
They turned a Barn into a Ballroom!
The Place Settings
One of my favorite details of the night...the couple's initials lit up on the dancefloor!
The Happy Couple arrives
The First Dance...appropriately to "At Last" :)
The Amazing Dinner...homemade grits, mac 'n cheese, fried green tomatoes, salad, roasted veggies, pecan crusted chicken, beef tenderloins, three different rolls, was divine!
Father Daughter Dance
View from the doorway
The Cake was STUNNING! I loved the layer with their initials!
The Groom's Cake was TOO CUTE! Go OU!!
My friend Shelly and I taking part in "The Money Dance"
We paid to get to dance with the was a hoot!
Dysfunction Junction...a funk band out of Austin.
BEST Wedding Band I've ever heard!
Father of the Bride takes the jacket off and gets jiggy with it!
The Men of the Family have a Dance was hysterical!
The Party still ROCKIN' at 12:15 a.m.
The Fairytale Ending

A Heartfelt Thanks to Courtney & Jake for allowing us to be a part of their beautiful day. It was an amazing honor...and definitely a Wedding that we will never forget! Many, many blessings!