Monday, October 26, 2015

O's Baptism & Birthday Bash

My Baby Boy's Baptism
October 25th, 2015
This most sacred day has arrived in the life of the Ruley Family. My little boy, my almost 9 year old boy, has decided to profess his Faith in Christ in front of his church, his family and his friends.
He has asked about Baptism for about two years now, but we felt like he had finally reached the age and the level of understanding that is needed to make this decision heartfelt and eternally lasting.
His passion for life and for this event is contagious. That is probably what reminds me most of myself in him ~ his passion. He takes nothing lightly. He's all in or all out. So grateful he's "all in" for Jesus!
Greg and I loved being there with him this Sunday morning...getting to witness a Holy transition from Owen to "Owen 2.0" as Jon lovingly nicknamed him. :-)
Here are some pictures big sister Abby captured that morning:

*My Favorite Pic of the Day* 
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Mark are amazing role models and servants, not only at our church, but in our family at whole. So thankful for their presence in the life of our family.
Oma and Grandpa were there along with Mimi, Nana and Grandad, Aunt Gayle and Paige, Brad and Matt and Zoe, Uncle Cal and Aunt Cindy, Aunt Lynn, Aunt Amy, Aunt Kim and Emma as well as Aunt Kerri. HUGE Blessing to have them all there!! 
(still kicking myself that we didn't get a big group picture tho) 
This precious friend showed up on this special meant the world
(love you Christy Tolar!)
My People with our Newest Believer
Abby asked for a pic with her lil' bro. These two have such a special bond that I thank God for. Not only do they look just alike, they share a heart connection.
Our Family with our wonderful Pastor Jon Odom
Following the church service, we, along with around 30 family members, met for lunch at Marzio's to celebrate Owen.
Owen's Jewish Mimi is so full of love for my children that she bought Owen his 1st Cross Necklace to symbolize this special occasion. I am so grateful for her support for our family's faith.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Courageous Ella!

I received the below e-mail on Monday, October 12th:
I’m excited to tell you that Ella is the ‘courage’ character trait recipient for the month of October. Each month, the school focuses on a character trait and each homeroom teacher looks for a student who especially exhibits this behavior.
This is a surprise; students will not know who is selected until the assembly.
Ella definitely does a wonderful job demonstrating this month’s trait. She will be honored with a medal at the next school assembly this Tuesday, October 13th from 1:30-2:20 in the gym. You are invited to attend and you may check in at the gym.
Thanks! Kyndall Thomas
The 6th Grade Courage Winners
Her friend Teagan also got the Courage award for her class
My Angel Girl
Ella with her 6th grade homeroom teacher, Mrs. Kyndall Thomas
"Thank you!!! I love it and adore you daughter.. she is kind and sweet, and oh so creative! Takes a lot of courage to stay original!!
Thank you,
Kyndall Thomas"
Proud Mom and Dad with their Baby Girl
A great example of Ella's courageous creativity: 
a plain, brown bag she dolled up to take her lunch in one day for school