Monday, October 22, 2012

*Magnficient Mimi's B'day*

On Saturday, October 6th, 2012 we celebrated *One.Special.Lady*
She goes by many names...but, the one that tugs on our heart strings most is "Mimi"
"Mimi" is just as much my Mom as she is Greg's. I met her when I was just 14 years old, and she has been a part of my life ever since. Between her and my Mom, I was covered in every area. Where one lacked, the other filled in. They each fill my cup in so many ways...I truly have the best of both worlds!
Any my two darling daughters agree...they love her as much as I do! :-)
Speaking of girls, Mimi has four granddaughters: Paige, Zoe, Abby and Miss Ella
She is the best *Girly Girl* grandma around...she knows her stuff! Everything from nails to clothes to table etiquette! She's a true class act.
Here is Mimi with her three children...Brad (the oldest) on left, Gayle and Greg on right. Greg was a huge surprise 8 years after having Gayle. Ooooh, am I thankful that God decided to rock her world with a third baby she hadn't planned on! I know she is too. :-)
Mimi with her youngest grand...Big O 
Gayle did a FABULOUS job comin' up w/ the *Paris Party Theme - it was purrrfect!
Me surrounded by some Momma Love!!
Time to Eat!!!
Boy did Gayle and Uncle Bob pull out all the stops!
Beef tenderloin, the best mashed potatoes I ever did taste, green beans, salad and rolls. Umm Umm Good!
Had to include a pic of the of our funniest memories is when I was at Greg's house for dinner when we first started dating (around 16 yrs old). I almost gagged when I looked over and saw what I called a "macheted arm" in a bag laying on their kitchen counter. His Mom giggled and explained to me that "the arm" was actually a VERY nice piece of meat. Coming from a home with 5 kids and a homestyle cookin' Momma, I had NEVER seen such a thing in my life! I only knew beef that came in a crockpot...called roast. We laugh to this day about that!! :-) 
Dining in Style
Will with the Lady who always tells him that he makes "her heart happy"
Our G-Kid Surprise!
Each of Mimi's 10 Grandkids came up with the top reason why they love Mimi so much...
We then lined them up by age and had them read theirs off one at a on David Letterman :-)
Abby and Ella helping Owen read his :-))
Our #1 Mimi!
*Happy Birthday to You!*
Dessert and Champagne Toast
Here's to Mimi...a lady who always Shines with Joy! She lives to make others happy and has the gift of seeing the glass half full. She is a true inspiration and deeply loved by all who know her!
Mimi with her two daughters
Zoe and Abby showing off the super cool Eiffel Tower cookie cutter party favors - too cute!!
One last HUG xoxo before we go....What a FABULOUS night it was!!!