Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Onesies, Pokemon & Maple Syrup

Christmas Morning, 2014
Our Romey girl in our manger - yearly tradition since kids were itty bitty 
(well, it used to be a baby doll clothed as Baby Jesus) 
My four babies...half-way grown up now. Ready to come down to begin the festivities.
They love this dog. I mean....REALLY love this dog.
Ella's long awaited "Taki's" - spicy fried chip thingy's that I refuse to buy. That's what makes Christmas special. ;-) The box also had a hot glue gun and some new books.
New monogrammed makeup girl's grown' up. She even asked for nice make up this Christmas...and I mean nicer make up than her Momma even uses.
All Owen asked for, dreamed about, thought about and talked about this year:
Will has been wanting to try "real" maple syrup, but I told him it was super pricey...thus, he got a mini bottle in his stocking - ha! :D
Garth Brooks txs for my Love...
Abby did the sweetest thing for Ella. A brown bag with "a few of her favorite things" because of Ella's love for the Sound of Music movie. She bought her a clear mascara and a Godiva bar.
The Bro's with their new UA bags
Mimi giving a double tickle
As many know, December is a challenging month for me. I have worked 15 years to teach my children to focus on the reason for the season...this is not an easy task for anyone, including myself. The to do list is beyond, our family calendar is overwhelming, it truly all becomes a blur. I even took the wrong gifts to a family event due to the brain cell reduction that occurs during this 12th month. 
Amidst it all, I still was able to see Christ's light glimmer through the chaos.   
He is, and will always remain, my rock and my salvation. 
Happy Birthday my Savior...may You be glorified through this crazy thing called my life.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

King Family Christmas 2014

Friday, December 26th, 2014
Oma's Traditional one day after Christmas Brunch Gathering
Will, Grant (in his Superman onesie) and Big O
My precious Grandma holding one precious baby girl, a.k.a. "Miss Sweet Cheeks"
Aunt Kim's turn to snuggle
Our Rustic Cuff *Circle of Love*
(Oma got all the girls Emerson bracelets)
Tanner and Owen cuddled up in Grandpa's leather chair
Game Night at Kevin and Amy's
Abby - The Marshmallow Maker (and Eater!)
My Dad and I 
(so glad Greg snapped this pic as I have very few with him)
What I love most about my parents' Christmas celebration is that it's so not about the's all about fellowship...okay, and food...Kings love food ;-)