Monday, April 28, 2014

Asbury's Newest Member

I can't believe the day has come for my little Abby Lou to get Confirmed as a full church member at our beloved Asbury! She's such a special lil' lady!!
Thanks to her Small Group leaders for investing so much time in preparing her for this moment.
So Owen...that's all I can say
The Girlies
The Bros - I really took this to capture Andrew in top middle right 
The Whole Gang
Caroline - one of Abby's fave mentors
Lauren - another mentor to blessed to have her as a small group leader! a hug pic
The Cutest 7th Gr Duo Around
Our Fam
The Cornells
Pastor Tom & Abs
yet Owen
Caught a quick photo of these cuties on our way out. :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mission Houston 2014

Asbury 7th Grade Mission Trip to Houston, TX
March 15th, 2014
Momma wishin' her girl the very best as she heads off for her very 1st mission trip!
Daddy's turn!
Azlee and Abby (friends since they were 3!)
Abby and Brennan (BF from Jenks)
C Group Jenks Gals
(Hallye, Abby, Brennan, Peyton)
1st Night in Houston
1st Day of Serving - Clothing Shelter
Carolyn S hangin' with her girls

Riding the train
Abby with her small group leader Mary and fellow team members
The Light Train
 Prayer...nothing like it
Favorite pic of the week
 Ark Kids!
(Will, Anna, Azlee, Emma, Abby, Ben)
 Time to head back to T-Town
 Sunday, March 30th
Houston MTrip Celebration ~ Brennan shared her testimony!
Dear Supporter,
My Mission Trip to Houston, Texas this past week was INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you for all of your prayer and support while I was serving people. My favorite thing we did was go and play with kids at their apartments. I met a little six year old girl named Justice, and she was such a joy to play with. She told me that her father left when she was three years old and her mom works everyday (it broke my heart). I was happy that I got to go and make her day along with many other joyful little kids. 
On Tuesday we were offered the challenge of fasting through breakfast and lunch and not eating till dinner. It was very difficult not eating because who doesn’t love food! Every time I thought about eating, or my stomach growled, I would pray. Another hard part about fasting was that day we served people by packing bags of food, and guess what job I had... sealing the packages. So every time I sealed the package, I had to smell all of the food inside. So what I did was every time I smelt it I prayed to God saying, “Other people need this food more than me” (and it helped!). Overall, fasting was a great eye opener for me. I got to feel and see what most people go through everyday without food. After the trip I made a goal for myself to fast once a month. While fasting, I grow closer to God, and that is my main goal for life. 
On Wednesday, my group and I went on a giant scavenger hunt around Houston. We got to do many amazing things including going to the top floor of Houston’s tallest building, visiting a park dedicated to the loss of loved ones in the 9/11 attack, and for lunch, we got to go to a park and serve meals to homeless people. I met a man named Richard who did not have a job, and he slept at a homeless shelter. After we talked for about twenty minutes, I handed him a cross and told him God loved Him. In return, I got the most heart warming smile shining on his face! :-)
On Thursday, my group and I delivered meals to kids whose parents could not afford meals for them. When we were delivering the meals it really tore my heart to see little kids waiting in their front lawn depending on these meals to come everyday. While driving away, I would look back and see the biggest smile on their faces. I am so thankful that I am blessed with multiple meals everyday and a roof over my head. I wish there was a way we could stop hunger all over the world. Thanks again for supporting me on this trip. It truly took my relationship with Jesus to a whole new level and helped me to be more grateful for what I have. I cannot wait until next year’s mission trip to Red Bird, Kentucky!!! 
Love, Abby

Sunday, April 6, 2014

HS Besties turn 40!

Heading off for our High School Bestie's 40th Birthday Party...
Ashleigh & Dan have been a HUGE part of our lives, and we are so grateful for them!
I met Ashleigh in 4th grade when I played on her Eliot softball team...we then reunited at Bishop Kelley in 9th grade. Before we knew it, we were double dating our future husbands. Then, the next transition came when Greg and Ash went to KU and Dan and I went to OU. By sophomore year, the Jayhawks joined the Sooners. :-) Soon after college, we were both married...and it's been HAPPILY EVER AFTER for both of us!!!
Here's to two of our most favorite people in the world! 
Happy Happy 40th!!!
Yum is all I can think of when looking at these was 5 courses of absolute deliciousness!!