Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wacky Wagner Weekend II

The time arrived for the Wacky Wagner Weekend II.
This is an annual event that Greg's sister (Aunt Gayle) and her awesome hubby (Uncle Bob) have created. The anticipated event lands mid-July at Bob's parent's gorgeous lakehouse at Grand Lake.
My kids count down the days for this glorious weekend to arrive. And, after seeing the pics, you will see why.
Swimming at the dock with cousins
"The Captain", a.k.a. Uncle Bob
Boat rides
pretty blue toes - ok, random pic...but so cute :-)

Excursions on the Seadoo 

Ella reluctantly went on a ride...and when later asked her favorite part of the weekend, guess what it was? :-))
The Ladies ~ Stacy, Gayle & Me
Cousin Parker, all the way in from Cali - trying out Ella's stilts
Cookin' up tomorrow's breakfast casserole
Teenage Boys takin' it easy
Uncle Jeff's Fascinating Firework Extravaganza

Owen doing a Roman Candle
Seriously ya' would NOT believe the show he puts on! Let's just say he bought out the firework stand! Couldn't capture the big ones on camera since it was dark by that point.
cuddle time
Ella with her lightstick beard
a ride on The Gator
Day 2 of Dock Swimmin'
Will checking out some spectacular boats
Finishing up *Redeeming Love ~ my Favorite book ever!!!
Cuz's 'bout to go on a boat ride
Abby & Will ~ gosh, they are looking SO grown up!!
One more day of Tubing!
Yee ha!
Matt & Will
Abby & Zoe
Courageous Zoe
Abby's famous picture pose
Cuddle time with Aunt Gayle
Time for a Couple's Excursion
I Love a Water Date!!
Lounge time
Family Pics in our WWW II Tee's
Grandad & Nana with all their Grands
The Gang
doing what we do best, being wacky...
*Big HUGE thanks to U. Bob & A. Gayle for their most generous gift of hosting such an AMAZING Family Weekend...We Love You!!!*

Saturday, July 14, 2012


It was ChickFila's Annual *Cow Appreciation Day*
So...the Ruley family did what it does best...improvised our best cow costumes and headed for our favorite fast food joint.
On our way...Big Daddy's Cow ears went flailing in the AC was hysterical!! :-)
 Big Shout Out to Regal Plaza ChickFila for blessing all my little calves with a delicious meal!
Your generosity is such a tangible expression of the faith and values you stand behind!
When a cow laughs, does milk come out her nose?  ~Author Unknown