Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wagner Wacky Weekend

En route to our long awaited Wagner Lake Weekend...
Once we hit about 1/2 a mile from the lakehouse, we had a special escort waiting for us
Uncle Bob!
 He then led the way via 4-Wheeler to his parents new lakehouse...which was just beautiful!
We were greeted by the rest of the invited guests - Uncle Brad and his three kiddo's, Aunt Stacy & Uncle Jeff and their 3 boys, and, last but not least, Aunt Gayle, Uncle Bob and their three
Our special family gift we received - a stack of 6 matching t's with our weekend motto on it - I was SO excited! I've always wanted to be the kind of family who had matching tee's!!
(FYI: Greg's sister Gayle married "Bob Wagner" - thus, the "Wagner Wacky Weekend" title)
Time to hit the dock for some afternoon swimming

My big and little boy head back up to the house - Owen was petrified of the lake at 1st. It was his 1st time after all. :-)
Speaking of the house, it was GORGEOUS!
the rest of the gang had a BALL jumping in and out, on the raft, off the raft, etc.
The boys tossed a football and frisbee around
Time for the 1st Boat Ride!
Paige, Aunt Gayle and Zoe
Big G takes the plunge!
FINALLY...Big O does the same - after over an hour of thinking about it
Me and My Bella takin' it easy
Aunt Gayle and Will do the same
One my personal favorites, PING PONG!
(and yes, I did whoop Greg! :-) )
Snack and chill time
Uncle Bob serving up his homemade Chicken Enchiladas....Ummmm
Cousins cuddle
Day Two, Coffee Time!
Time for girlies to try out some Skiing!
Uncle Brad capturing his Zoe trying for the 1st time
She's up!!
and down....
This was the FAVORITE activity of the weekend!
I was SO proud that my timid lil' Ella did it!
Her and Paige had a ball!!
Next up, Abby & Zoe
Big people's turn...G & I
Then back to dock to switch out girls for boys
They were anxiously waiting their turn...
Will and Preston take the reigns 1st
The O-Man's turn
Daddy had to hold him tight
Will watches
Then rides the waves with his Momma!
And, I'll have you know - he fell off, and I didn't :-)
Round 2 - Ella and Daddy...the sloooow riders
My niece Zoe looking so beautiful 
Big G goes for some skiing!
which means Big K had to too!
As exhilarating as it was, let me just tell you...my arms were sore for DAYS!!!!!
Will attempts
Whoa...sadly, it was a no go :(  SO much harder than it looks!
2nd evening
Aunt Gayle and Ella looking so sweet
Owie snags some watermelon
and chomps away!
Looooved all the little boys
Big Girl card playing - this brought back so many memories 4 me!
Next up...FISHING for all!
Couldn't believe how much my little diva dug fishing!
Uncle Jeff did round II Fireworks show*
Then sets up a serious Slip 'n Slide!

Brothers chill
S-in-Laws say cheese
Day 3 - Sunday Mornin'
Time for Family Pic in our New T's!
7 adults and 13 kiddo's!!
Wacky version...although, from the looks of it, Greg and I are the only ones participating :-)
Back of T's
Wacky is right :-) 
- Will not so much into this kind of thing anymore
One last boat ride before we depart...
Big Greg takes over the Captain's Wheel!

What a FABULOUS weekend! Truly, one of the MOST FUN weekends our family has ever had! HUGE thanks to Bob and Gayle for their AMAZING hospitality and generosity! xoxo

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lindab said...

sounds fun. I hope Wagner Grand was safe. My hairdresser and his son-in-law got very sick about a week ago.