Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mediterranean ~ Day 7

Final Day of cruising the Mediterranean included my 1st day of Room Service.
Breakfast in Bed Baby!
(And, boy does this pic do the experience injustice! I ordered several items and they ended up doubling the plates thinking my husband would want one of everything too! It was truly hysterical when this sweet little server carried in the tallest tray of covered plates that I ever did see! I'm sure he was thinking - all for just you Miss?!)
All of our other mornings included an entirely too early wake up call and a Speedy Gonzales kind of getting ready & out the door.
Today was totally different. We had a leisurely snack at the Cafe Promenade around 10:00 and a 2nd cup of coffee for me. :-) We then proceeded to do all the things around the ship that we had not had the time to do yet.
Soaking up the sun on the sundeck was not on the agenda this day.
See why?!
The wind was OUTTA CONTROL!!
Up til this point, the cruising experience had been completely smooth. I never once felt nauseous or uneasy. In fact, I wouldn't even know when we had left a port.
Today it was ROCK CITY! We had to hold onto something at times just to get our bearings.
Visited the famous "Johnny Rockets" up on the 11th Deck.
Ate a mighty large Asian lunch at the Windjammer.
Saw the much talked about "Up in the Air" show that evening before the ING Cocktail Party.
It was AWESOME!! (sorry - no flash photography during show so pic stinks)
Time to hit the very last par-tay of the week...
One last couple pic by the stairs :-)
One last double couple pic w/ George & Agnes
The ING Party was in the ship's ice rink
Hors d'oeuvres, Live Music, Open Bar
Ring Ding! Time for Dinner! 
On our way, we literally had to hold on to objects to keep from falling. 
The waves were fierce!
Been wanting to get a pic on the sexy cool red chair all week...but then I couldn't keep a straight face long enough to look half-way sexy! giggle, giggle :-)
The 3 Story Michelangelo Dining Room one last time
The entire waitstaff serenaded all the guests in various languages

Oh Liberty...we shall miss u
You allowed us to see 3 amazing countries and 9 cities in just one week's time
Gracias! Merci Beaucoups! Grazie!!


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