Sunday, April 21, 2013

Abby Spreads Her Wings

Sunday, April 21st, 2013
My Abby Lou's 1st Day of Jr High Youth Group at Asbury

"I think the hardest thing for a mother is to make it possible for a child to be independent and at the same time let the child know how much you love her, how much you want to take care of her, and yet how truly essential it is for her to fly on her own. It's definitely the 'pushing out of the nest syndrome." M. Albright
When you're kids are younger, youth aged kids look soooo old. Then, you blink, and your own kids are there. Part of you feels totally at ease with the idea...then, another part of you realizes you are now the Mom of those kids who are "soooo old!"
What a blessing it is to know that my 1st born is there to watch over his lil' sis and show her the ropes. Asbury's youth program is Off the Hook...and we are so excited for Abby to get to experience God in a whole new fresh and exciting way. Our Will has had the experience of a lifetime the past two years being over at the Venue. Between small groups, confirmation, two mission trips, leading worship, and now leadership team...he is truly a changed young man on fire for Christ!

 As Mark, their youth director says, "Jr. Highers can Change the World!" 
I believe it.
Praying that my kids do too.  :-)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Puppy Love

The story began in early February when the Lord put in on Greg and I's heart that it was time for our family to get our first pet. What can only be explained by God, a sweet friend of mine alerted me of some Shih Tzu puppies that were up for adoption on Facebook. (This is a veeeery rare situation as full bred Shih Tzu's are highly sought after and go for very high prices)

(Can I hear a shout out for FB!! woot woot!)

We had been looking at a breeder over 2 hours away, but did not feel peace about it. I had just told my Mom a few days prior to my friend e-mailing me, that I was going to be it in the Lord's hand. My prayer was that He would make it clear which path we were to take. But my heart's desire was to adopt (knowing if we adopted, the dog would likely be older and some sort of mix breed).
After being blessed with this amazing news, I called the 1st thing the next morning to find out if any of the puppies were still available! To our great fortune, the notice had JUST been released and I was the 1st one to call!
What that meant for us, was we got first dibs on whichever one we felt was the right fit for our family. So...Daddy and I headed over to the Adoption house the minute he got home from work!
I instinctly felt attracted to the blonde one, "Tofu." But, once we got to the house and met all four, it was heart wrenching to pick just one. Greg initially felt drawn to "Satay" the one below on the left.
Here's all four lil' rascals 
(Satay, Szechuan, Bok Choy and Tofu dog piling their sweet Momma, "Ginseng"; their sweet Dad "Sesame" had already been adopted out)
Greg with Momma and our future baby girl
Needless to say, after a night's sleep and another visit, our hearts were made up. The runt of the family, Miss Blondie was to be our youngest Ruley. ;-)
Due to Will being gone during Spring Break, the week we knew we would be getting her, I snuck him over one night and surprise him with the news!
It was sooo cute watching them get to know one another.
Love at first sight...
The puppies were getting so big that poor Momma was exhausted with nursing!
It felt so good to get our *Big Secret* (that we had been keeping for 3 weeks), off our least to one of the four. :-)
Thursday, March 21st, 2013
The BIG DAY arrived at long last. Miss Blondie finally reached 7.5 weeks old and was big enough and mature enough to leave her "nest." Amy, our sweet Adoption Mom, dolled her all up for our big "reveal"!
Daddy swung by and picked up our new addition and drove her home.
We told the kids he was coming home to surprise them with a fun afternoon activity - I hinted to them it would be a movie. ;-)
Miss R was definitely at a loss to what was going down...
Thanks to Miss Blondie being so very tiny, we were able to place her in a Nordstrom's box I found
with a gift tag to all four nino's from Mom and Dad
I grabbed the camera and then called them down...all the while, my heart raced with excitement!!!
The kids must have been bewildered when they saw a random box sitting on the floor and Daddy holding the video camera
Abby was the only one brave enough to come open it...
*~*~Miss Romey Ireland Ruley~*~*
There are now words to describe this moment
(We wanted to name her "Ireland" after our most favorite vacation, but it's hard to call out due to 3 we went with "Romey" after our trip to Rome. She represents our newest adventure.)
Momma and Papa
My favorite telling
Happiness = Getting surprised with a Puppy
A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.
Proverbs 13:19
Our lil' Ewok
Cousin Zoe (along with Uncle Brad and Boys) stops by that night to meet Miss R
Romey's 1st morning...I catch Owen up early inside her playpen snuggling her
And this girl...well, let's just say her new nickname is "Dog Hog"
Funniest moment of 2nd day ~ Abby deciding Romey needed more cushion in her crate...thus, she takes Ella's beloved leopard blanket and puts in in there for Miss R to sleep in. One girl was in heaven, the other one dismayed! Guess which one was which?? :-)
Oma stops by to meet her newest grand-dog
This last pic pretty much sums up what's goin' over here at the Ruley house...
a whole lotta LOVE!

Friday, April 5, 2013

EG Turns 90 & MF 30

A Little Background before the Big Birthday
I started in MF when my oldest, Will, was just 4 months old!
It was the Fall of 1999
I attended faithfully every Monday morning from 9:30-11:30. 
I was hungry for the Lord...and MF studies & EG helped feed that hunger.
Guessing this was Fall 2003 since Abby is around 2 yrs old and I'm preg with Miss Ella
(that would be my now 9 yr old Ella)
(It would take more than just a blog post to explain what all went down between attending MF and becoming the facilitator...let's just say it was a GOD THING!)
September 2011, my first morning to lead Mothers Fellowship
(holding the special Bible that Brent got me for my 37th b'day)
Dec 2011
My 1st Christmas Brunch as Leader, but EG still by my side
My favorite MF guest speaker, Susan E., EG and I
May 2011
MF Spring Brunch
April 2012 - EG's 89th B'day celebrated at MF
May 2012-Final Spring Brunch

Silly Face 
I love the "GLORIFY GOD" in the background...isn't that what MF is all about? Glorifying God through our meeting together, studying His Word and encouraging one another.
Me, EG, Anita, Becky
My *ALL.TIME.FAVE.* pic of EG - 
Praising God after receiving a long desired Laptop from all the MF Girls

"Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, in every gesture dignity and love."  John Milton
Dec 2012 Christmas Brunch
Esther Gene's 90th Birthday and 30th Year of Mothers Fellowship Celebration
Corsage for our Guest of Honor
The April Tidings came out THE DAY of the Party!!! 
And guess who was on the front of it?! :-))
My Message to EG in her 90th B'day Scrapbook:

I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing Esther Gene for over 13 years now. I started in Mothers Fellowship the Fall of 1999 as a brand new Mom with a 4 month old baby boy. I was incredibly hungry for more of God's Word as well as fellowship with other young Moms. Oh how Mothers Fellowship fit the bill! Esther Gene has played an integral role in helping grow my faith, my knowledge of scripture and my love of prayer. God blessed me BIG when he divinely placed her in my life. To have the honor of sitting next to her every Tuesday morning is something I cherish with all my heart. I pray that I can continue her amazing legacy of faithfulness and love for God's word for the next generation.

Becky, EG's granddaughter, sang a beautiful song to her
Kerrye Morrison spoke about her Top 10 reasons for Loving EG
3 Generations look on at all the Love going on...
Me introducing EG so she can share a few words
My sweet mom came to honor EG...there she is in the coral jacket
Cake Time!
Amy S had her hubby set up a 2 string duo to bless us with music
Sweet Ellen H (our party photographer) cuddling with lil' Mad 
*4 Generations of Godly Girls!
Melissa, EG and I...two girls who have stuck by her side for over a decade each!
Living out Titus 2
May God continue to bless you with health, knowledge and a heart after His...
and Here's to 30 MORE YEARS of Magnificent *MOTHERS FELLOWSHIP!!!