Saturday, June 16, 2012

On Our way to the Emerald Isle

My Honey and I are headed to the Land of Green tomorrow...
Flying into Shanon, and then headed to one of the 7 Wonders of the World~The Cliffs of Moher.
We are then spending a day in infamous Galway.
Following the time with our travel buddies, A & G, we will be settling here for the rest of the week:
Powerscourt Estate Enniskerry Ireland

My favorite part of our ING Trips...getting fed fabulous meals for a week! :-))

and hoping I get to spend some time in this part of the resort:
Looking forward to seeing how beautifully God uses the shade of green in his Irish creation!
A Big*Shout out to ING for blessing us with such Amazing Trips each summer!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kanakuk Kampout

We were SO excited when we heard that the amazing Kanakuk Kamp was sending their new "Kampout" to T-Town!
We immediately asked one of Ella's BF's from school if she'd like to join in on the fun.
The girls' counselor (Grace) was as precious as they come. 
(as you can see, Ella felt quite comfortable with her) :-)
New friends were made
Sleepovers are a great way to celebrate...especially when your Mom lets you make waffles however you want for breakfast (chocolate sauce, whip cream, etc.)
Had to add this pic because I cherish the little time I have left of having a daughter who plays with dolls...
Mallory & Ella = Friends Forever
1 month later: When Ella was asked at her Bible Study was the biggest highlight of her summer was, she answered, "Kanakuk Kampout." :-) 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lucky Ladies

Friday night we were invited to join our besties from high school (Bishop Kelley) for a most special dinner celebrating their 15th Anniversary.
Dan and Ashleigh were blessed to be HS Sweethearts just like my Honey and I. We have more memories than this blog has room for...numerous Jr Phil dances, BK homecoming dances, two proms, Spring Break trips...the list goes on and on.
Ash & Greg then headed up to KU for college. Well...that didn't last long, by sophomore year, they both joined Dan and I at OU for the remainder of our college days. :-))
*Distance makes the heart grow fonder.*
 Having been with our loves for 22 years now is something we treasure.
So a Celebration was in order when their Wedding Bells rang 15 years...and a celebration it was! 
The chef from Southern Hills Country Club fed us one of the most scrumptious meals I have ever put in my mouth! I wish I had the culinary expertise to describe it...let's just say in my words: DELISH!
More than the food served, the laughs and fun were priceless. Looking back at yearbooks and wedding albums, recalling the Goodness that God has poured over our lives. Between our amazing husbands, 7 beautiful children, and full to the brim lives...we are are two very lucky ladies!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Abby's 11th All Around

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.
~ Author Unknown
The time had finally arrived for Abby's 11th B'day Party. Just like her 10th b'day party, she chose to have her party at our casa and came up with all the activities that would take place.
Favorite treat of the night - fresh raspberries filled with chocolate chips! 
Duck Tape Extravaganza
(one of A's very fave past times had to be incorporated into her par-tay)
Who Am I Game?
Yes and No ?'s to find out who you are
Confetti (multi flavored) and Chicago Mix 
(half cheese/half caramel) Popcorn
Pictionary Time!
guess what I'm drawing...Zoe got lipstick! :-)
Raspberry Sparkling Punch
Craft Time 
Outdoor Just Dance III on the Wii
A few friend pics 
(still kicking myself that I didn't get them all)
The B'day Girls
more silliness :-))
Baby bro jumps in
Dinner Time!
(The B'day Girl chose Taquito's, Chips and Queso, Carrots and Ranch with Fruit)
Jammin' in da Jacuzzi 
El took the opportunity to have the Wii to herself while the big girls soaked :-)
gettin' silly
slip 'n slide!
Telephone Game
(whisper a phrase in the ear of the person next to you and go all the way around until last person - and then they say out loud what they "heard" - hilarious what ends up being said!)
I LOVE this pic
not planned...spur of the moment = best

After drying off, the girls headed to the yard for some free style dance & gymnastics
more Just Dance...
silly sister
Just a Swingin'....
Ella's airplane
Cake Time!
Abby's B'day Cake Creation
she reeeeally wanted the b'day donuts w/ Happy B'day Abby spelled out...however, they are not open on Sunday, so they woulda been stale by the time of her party if picked up on Sat.
So I talked her into making a cake out of donuts that were picked up on Sunday....after a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michael's, we found a few things to Spunk up her cake.
"Happy Birthday to Abby..."
make a wish
dig in!
BTW, b'day girl no longer smiles showing teeth - and she has a beeeautiful smile...don't get it
after just a couple of bites into her sweet goodness, look what happened!!
she couldn't stop giggling...and she has LOVED sharing that she lost her 11th Tooth with her 11 friends at her 11th B'day!
Party Favors
(cool lil' woven friendship bracelets adorned with Rhinestones)
Gifts await...
her new green leopard spectacles from none other than Claires in the mall 
*~Happiest 11th Birthday to my Amazing Abby Lou!~*
You light up our lives with your Joy, your Passion, your Kindness, your Generosity, your Creativity, and mostly your unconditional LOVE. God Blessed us BIG when He gave us YOU...and oh how we Love You SO.