Friday, June 15, 2012

Kanakuk Kampout

We were SO excited when we heard that the amazing Kanakuk Kamp was sending their new "Kampout" to T-Town!
We immediately asked one of Ella's BF's from school if she'd like to join in on the fun.
The girls' counselor (Grace) was as precious as they come. 
(as you can see, Ella felt quite comfortable with her) :-)
New friends were made
Sleepovers are a great way to celebrate...especially when your Mom lets you make waffles however you want for breakfast (chocolate sauce, whip cream, etc.)
Had to add this pic because I cherish the little time I have left of having a daughter who plays with dolls...
Mallory & Ella = Friends Forever
1 month later: When Ella was asked at her Bible Study was the biggest highlight of her summer was, she answered, "Kanakuk Kampout." :-) 

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