Friday, January 27, 2012

A Royl Invalope

Last night, as my hubby and I headed to bed 
(after a long 7 days of single parenting for me - just picked up my better half from airport earlier in evening)
we found an envelope under our pillows.
Not just ANY envelope...a "Royl invalope" ;-)
To: you (smiley faces)
p.s. write back
Within the Royl invalope, was a very important letter drafted by a very important Princess:
1. Part of letter
Dear Mom and Dad, 
Please Throw me a party. A surprise party like I wake up one morning and I have a new room and you come in with a tray of cookies and milk and yummy waffles. I'm trying better at getting all Trees (threes) on my report card. I love you so much. I will also give you a good massage.
 2. Part of letter
I know how you like doing that.
Love, resposable (responsible) Ella
p.s. on my birthday Please?
What should our response letter look like? Oh my! :-}

Thursday, January 26, 2012

*PaJaMa PaRtY DaY!

It was our last ever pre-school *PaJaMa PaRtY DaY!*
Owen was sooo excited about this special day - he even counted down how many "sleeps" til it arrived.
He was ready to go with all his necessities in hand ~ Star Wars sleeping bag, Monkey, Thunder Basketball book, and a cool, green flashlight! 
Here's the boy I picked up from school after such a wild & crazy shin dig:
I've always wondered what my red haired child would look like. :-)
He had tattoo's and was in "Super Boy" high energy mode!
Guess he loves a party like his Momma! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012