Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fire Fightin' Five Year Olds

One of Owen's best little buddies turned 5.
Lucky for him, his Dad works at a real life Fire Station.
A boy's dream.
So, for his 5th B'day, guess where the par-tay was?
Oh yeah. Ladder 84 was the Place to Be!
First thing my son spotted was the weight lifting and workout area
This punching bag made his Kiddlestix one look ree-donkulous!
I now know what to put in Owen's dream room...
Time for the Fireman Show!
Something a lil' guy takes veeeery seriously
Next Up - Cake & Ice Cream in a real life Firehouse!!
He had been counting down til' this moment...
Miss H was the Hit of the Party! She would giggle and run while the rest of the gang chased her!
Last but certainly not least, the Fire Pole demo!
It was crazy loud and super fast!! I was astonished at how tall it was!
When that flap opened, you couldn't blink or you'd miss the drop!
Kids couldn't go down it, but they definitely tried to go up it!
Can't take his eyes off that flap!
Happy Boy
Owen doin' his Fire Groove Thang!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moonlight Marshmallow Birthday

The day had finally arrived for Ella's "Royl Invalope" dream to come true...well, part of it anyway. :-)
She was awoken on her typical school morning...but, this time with a tray full of waffles topped with whip cream and chocolate sauce, chocolate milk to drink, and a love letter from her Mommy. 
Bella was a VERY happy Birthday Girl. She hugged and thanked me over and over...and over. Nothing quite seems to touch her like yummy food, sweet words, and lots of cuddling.
Dressed and ready for her day at school! 
B'day treats in hand for all her classmates.
She wore her B'day Princess *Tiara proudly!
2nd B'day Wish fulfilled:
Lunch with Mom and Dad at School
along with two favorite friends
(she got to pick to sit at the table with us)
One last thing before she was off to recess...a marshmallow ice cream cone!
Back at home it was time to get the show on the road for her party that night!
All things *MARSHMALLOW*
Including a homemade Marshmallow Cream Cake!
that miss El helped decorate
and lick up!
We had heart marshmallows
Cupcake marshmallows
Hot Cocoa Bar (w/ mini marshmallows)
Marshmallow Craft Table
Marshmallows on a stick decorated with edible markers then dipped in icing and sprinkles...umm
Thanks to Big Sis (Abby Lou), the girls arriving had a ball creating their own marshmallow magic
Sweet classmate and dance friend
Candy Lace Edible Marshmallow Necklace
(thanks to Pinterest!)
 a triple marshmallow necklace
Forever Friends
Abby asking about one of Ella's surprise gifts...shhh
Time for SMORES!!!!
roasting away
Heart Shaped Marshies
Oma and Ella Bella cuddle fireside
The Gaggle of Girls
(crazy shadow on every group shot...grr)
smores are yummy!
Itty bitty mini marshamallows make everyone :-}
Time for Moonlight Movie

Then a lil' *Happy B'day* singin'
Ella planning out her wish...
and away she blew!
Our Baby Girl is now 8...I cannot believe it
Last, but not least, on the marshmallow agenda...
Ella enjoying her b'day cards...
Oh my did her friend know what Ella loves?! 
New blankie hasn't left her side since that moment!
B'day wish list come true ~ lots of Barbies and "Tasty Science"
and yet another requested item ~ a Vera Bradley Lunch Bag
and last but not least, a *Password Journal
(I so remember loving my journal starting about Ella's age)
The Loot 
(I know, I's a little insane; but what's a Momma to do??)
Forever Sister BFF's
Ella's Birthday Love Letter (given earlier that day)
My Dearest Ella,
Happy 8th Birthday beautiful girl. I remember eight years ago today meeting you for the first time. You were so precious....and so tiny. When I looked into your eyes I knew you were mine, and you knew I was your Momma.
Watching you grow over time has been such a Joy. You were by far my best behaved baby. You were so dainty and so sweet. You rarely cried and you hardly ever misbehaved. You loved to sit and read books and play with your babies. 
There are so many things I love about you, but most of all I love how tender you are. You have such a sweet voice and sweet personality. You love to cuddle, give hugs and sit in my lap. 
I want you to know that I love you beyond words. There is nothing you can do to cause me to love you any less. You will forever be my Baby Girl.
Ella Marie Ruley ~ thank you for being in my life and fulfilling it so. I am so grateful that God blessed me with you to have, to hold and to watch grow into a woman of God.
All My Love,