Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fire Fightin' Five Year Olds

One of Owen's best little buddies turned 5.
Lucky for him, his Dad works at a real life Fire Station.
A boy's dream.
So, for his 5th B'day, guess where the par-tay was?
Oh yeah. Ladder 84 was the Place to Be!
First thing my son spotted was the weight lifting and workout area
This punching bag made his Kiddlestix one look ree-donkulous!
I now know what to put in Owen's dream room...
Time for the Fireman Show!
Something a lil' guy takes veeeery seriously
Next Up - Cake & Ice Cream in a real life Firehouse!!
He had been counting down til' this moment...
Miss H was the Hit of the Party! She would giggle and run while the rest of the gang chased her!
Last but certainly not least, the Fire Pole demo!
It was crazy loud and super fast!! I was astonished at how tall it was!
When that flap opened, you couldn't blink or you'd miss the drop!
Kids couldn't go down it, but they definitely tried to go up it!
Can't take his eyes off that flap!
Happy Boy
Owen doin' his Fire Groove Thang!

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