Thursday, March 1, 2012

MF Farewell Brunch

Sweet lil' M's last day in Mothers Fellowship prompted a 
*Surprise Farewell Brunch*
M would be heading off to North Africa with her family in just days.
 Her family's mission is to:
"We want to share the gospel, disciple believers, and see them begin meeting together as a body of believers. Our means of doing this is by living full time in North Africa and working in business alongside everyday people. We will send our kids to school with them. Through God's leading we will share the story of Jesus with them, pray with them, and ask God to bring them into the Kingdom."
Watching M's adoration for our beloved Esther Gene is priceless. They have such a strong connection over their huge hearts for missions.
To read more about M's family ministry:
What an inspiration she has been for all of us! We will miss her so....
Mothers Fellowship Winter 2012  

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