Friday, May 15, 2015

The Grand Recital

Thursday, May 14th, 2015
Oma & Grandpa, along with Nana & Grandad came to support my dd's
Aunt Lynn & Mimi excited to hear the girls play
The Twinsies (made us all smile) :-))
The girls' spunky teacher, Miss Margie
The adoring Daddy with his baby girl
Ella was 1st up, and she did wonderful!
Abby was further down the list, and also did wonderfully!
(Greg and I just love that our kids play music...
praying they take long enough to have the skill for a lifetime!)
Her & Rachel Schlitter did a beautiful duet just following Abby's solo performance
Owen, the world's silliest photo bomber!
The cutest, and funniest, part of the duet was right before starting your song, you both flipped your long hair in the we reenacted later that evening :-)
Abigail Kathryn
Ella Marie
My girls
Love a Grand Piano
One of Abby's besties, Avery (a.k.a. "Ave Dog") surprised her and came to watch her perform
~ so stinkin' sweet!!
My sweet family ~ love when they all come to support each other
Reception Time! No skimping for this gang!
It was such a lovely evening...truly "Music to my ears!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
Jenks East Intermediate 5th Grade Musical
 Ella has been talking about this for weeks, maybe months. She tried out for the part of Yellow Rose and got it! She was so super excited!
 She couldn't have been cuter in the homemade (with LOVE) dress that 
Oma made for her to wear for the performance. 
(although she cried earlier that afternoon because she thought the dress was too big and the sleeves too puffy; thus, we belted it up!)
 Grant Slater & her were about adorable
 Ella knew all of her lines perfectly
Teagan the Sailor with Yellow*Rose
The adoring Fam
Miss Yellow*Rose in all her glory!!
Macy, Maura & El
 Ella, Jordan & Ella :-)
Yee Ha!!!!!
We were "Nothing Bundt" proud of our lil' Yellow*Rose!
(Ella enjoying her fave...white chocolate raspberry bundt cake)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A 2nd Grade Boy

JSE 2nd Grade Celebration of Learning
R is for Ruley! ;-)
 We had fun looking through all of Owen's writer's workshop & art portfolios
 two of my favorite boys
Me & My Baby...I can't get over how big you are getting! Weren't we just at your pre-school Mother's Day Tea together yesterday?!
His Shape Monster
O with marvelous Mrs. McGehee. His teacher has been such a treasure!
We will miss you so much! Thank you for loving my boy like you do...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sixteen is Sweet

The day has come. My firstborn is 16. What a milestone. This son of mine has changed my life. The day I found out I was expecting a baby, after being told I was infertile, took my breath away. The day I held him in my arms for the 1st time and felt his breath on my shoulder, took my breath away. As he grew, his curious mind and often mischievious behavior sometimes took my breath away. Watching him grow into an amazing young man throughout the years, and driving alone for the 1st time today, is taking my breath away. William Gregory Ruley ~ you have had my heart since the minute I knew you. Watching God’s plan unfold in your life is one of the greatest gifts I have been given…you are steadfast, honest, gentle, brilliant, kind, focused, and loyal. Wishing you the Happiest Birthday of all on this special day! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. I love you so, Mom
Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
And, as requested, Daddy grilled out steak & chicken fajitas for the B'day Dinner.
Grandpa & Oma enjoying a Margarita 
As always, my kids hover around the appetizers :-)
always a Ham
my mini me
the gifts await...
Al Fresco Dinner
It was so endearing as Will read each card aloud
and next up...
An Apple Watch from Grandad & Nana!
(arrives in July)
Soon after opening his last gift, my Dad, as previously planned, told Will part of his gift was to take "a spin" in the 'Vette.
Off they go! 
While they were cruising' in the 'Vette, I quickly grabbed the birthday banner & balloons and decorated his Big Surprise!
Almost time!!
{This is a little flashback to Friday, April 10th...Daddy flew down to Dallas and bought you this Black Beauty II that his associate Paul found for us. Then, he drove it home and we hid in our neighbor's house that is for sale til the big reveal.} 
More than anything, I loved watching the joy on Daddy's face as we shared this moment 
we spot you at the gate!
Black Beauty II awaits!
we are all wondering what you're thinking at this point...
and we see a Giant Smile :-) on your face!
time to check out the goods
Daddy's face was priceless...
as was my son's...
Will stood in amazement...I don't think it had really sunk in yet
Happy Boy :-)
We had such JOY giving this gift to our son...
(note: we matched his savings so he did pay half)
Time take the wheel of the new ride!
all the siblings piled in!
(I had such a deja vu moment remembering when Kim turned 16)
off they go...b'day balloons & all!
All our wonderful Grandparents
Cake Time!
(as usual...b'day boy requested a homemade chocolate cake)
"Happy B'day to You!"
Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
My blue-eyed boy is officially 16!!
Time for the Driver's Test! 
As expected, you passed with flying colors! Now you are ready to head off to school...but first, an interview by Dad. :D
The time has head to school...all alone.
One of the strangest moments of my mothering life...watching my firstborn drive away. What a transition in parenting. No more adult supervision. Tons of Freedom. Lots of Prayers!
Later that evening...
Owen's gift to his big bro was a letter promising to keep their bedroom clean for 2 years! 
(Will loves a clean room so Owen knew this was the way to his heart)
One more round of b'day gifts...a Ralph Lauren keychain finishes off the celebration perfectly. 
Happiest Birthday Will. I love you more than you will ever know.
"This is my son, in whom I am well-pleased." 
Matthew 3:17