Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
Jenks East Intermediate 5th Grade Musical
 Ella has been talking about this for weeks, maybe months. She tried out for the part of Yellow Rose and got it! She was so super excited!
 She couldn't have been cuter in the homemade (with LOVE) dress that 
Oma made for her to wear for the performance. 
(although she cried earlier that afternoon because she thought the dress was too big and the sleeves too puffy; thus, we belted it up!)
 Grant Slater & her were about adorable
 Ella knew all of her lines perfectly
Teagan the Sailor with Yellow*Rose
The adoring Fam
Miss Yellow*Rose in all her glory!!
Macy, Maura & El
 Ella, Jordan & Ella :-)
Yee Ha!!!!!
We were "Nothing Bundt" proud of our lil' Yellow*Rose!
(Ella enjoying her fave...white chocolate raspberry bundt cake)

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