Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lucky Ladies

Friday night we were invited to join our besties from high school (Bishop Kelley) for a most special dinner celebrating their 15th Anniversary.
Dan and Ashleigh were blessed to be HS Sweethearts just like my Honey and I. We have more memories than this blog has room for...numerous Jr Phil dances, BK homecoming dances, two proms, Spring Break trips...the list goes on and on.
Ash & Greg then headed up to KU for college. Well...that didn't last long, by sophomore year, they both joined Dan and I at OU for the remainder of our college days. :-))
*Distance makes the heart grow fonder.*
 Having been with our loves for 22 years now is something we treasure.
So a Celebration was in order when their Wedding Bells rang 15 years...and a celebration it was! 
The chef from Southern Hills Country Club fed us one of the most scrumptious meals I have ever put in my mouth! I wish I had the culinary expertise to describe it...let's just say in my words: DELISH!
More than the food served, the laughs and fun were priceless. Looking back at yearbooks and wedding albums, recalling the Goodness that God has poured over our lives. Between our amazing husbands, 7 beautiful children, and full to the brim lives...we are are two very lucky ladies!!

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