Sunday, August 7, 2011

One of My Favorite Days of Summer

I look forward all year to this day...the day of Will's Jr. Club Championship
I quickly dressed and fed the siblings and made my way to the course for his early morning round
His Biggest Fans
Day 2 - the final day

The littles love getting the chance to ride in the speedy little golf cart!
(and yes - I let them steer to make it EXTRA fun!!)
We followed our Will from one hole to the next...
Words can't express how much I adore watching my son play 
 He's so composed...
And then there was this moment...pitter patter went my heart
He actually asked if is lil bro could accompany him to his next hole...he's THAT kind of brother
Owen working on his swing
His competition was nearly twice his size

The Final Putt
Time to shake hands...I just love how golf is all about etiquette!
My little stud
 Well Done My Son...
2nd Place in His Division
Due to 108 was definitely time to head to the pool!!
Little Miss just started going off the high dive for 1st time this summer
And little man decided to join her...he hasn't done it since he was 2!
and last, but not least, our Golf champ goes for a plunge
*One GREAT Summer Day!

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momof3girls said...

Oh how fun! The picture of the two brothers on the golf course brought tears to my eyes!