Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ramped for Camp

This is Owen with his BFF.
They met in pre-school, and even though they are at different schools now, are still holding on tight.
 Monday, June 3rd, 2013
The boys are a wee bit excited about their 1st day of Camp Loughridge
(Ryan's big brother patiently waiting for them to join him for a photo)
It was the little guys' first time to go...and they had a blast!
 So much fun getting to ride together each morning

I could eat those two grins up!
and yes...mine always has to end a photo session with some sort of rad pose
why is that?? 
hmmm...probably got that from me ;-)
Friday, June 7th
The Final Camp Ceremony
Owen receiving his award from his counselor

His two awards:
*Bold and *Determined
(definitely two that none of my other kids have ever cool that they are all so unique)
Grateful to God for blessing these boys with each other
(and I adore his Mommy too)
One last Bro Pic ;-)

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