Saturday, June 15, 2013

5th Night 12th Birthday

Like Mother Like Daughter
my Abby Lou wanted to celebrate her "actual" B'day at our favorite family summer event, Utica's Summers 5th Night
and to make it EXTRA wanted our Romey to join us :-)
The Fam
Abby with her Mimi
Aunt Lynn, Oma and Grandpa were there too
Abby's Birthday Menu: Pizza, Salad, Cheesecake and...
chocolate chip stuffed raspberries...YUMMY!
Abby was blessed with awesome b'day gifts...lots of fun, girly things!
Well...except for this beauty...a garage sale score that her Momma knew she would love. Ha!
Will and Romes cuddle up
Ella, with her very own money, gifted Abby with a leopard sock bun she has been desperately wanting and some super cool croc socks! (love sisters!!)
(Mid Life Crisis rocked the square)

Dancing with my 3 girls...yes, that includes Romey girl ;-)
Ended the night with "Shout!!!"

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