Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rise 'n Ring!

So, our little darling has been BEGGING for a phone for about 2 months now. Our initial thought way Hosea. But, as we marinated on the idea, we started to see some reasons why it might just be a good idea.
And, according to our Abby Lou...there are MANY reasons why it would be a good idea:
On May 30, 2013, at 9:49 AM, Abby Ruley wrote:
* I will contact you if there's an emergency

*I will call people!

*i won't get on the Internet without permission
*I will delete youtube 
*I can call you from school if pom schedules change or for any other school reason
*I can do stuff without having to have wifi
*I will babysit,vacuum, and do dishes to pay for the phone bills
*I can play music without wifi
*I can express my personality with a awesome case!!
*on the IPhone adults can apply the parental controls where adult can block stuff
*i won't stalk my crush or brothers and sisters 
* I won't prank call (cant anyways)
* I will let you know my password
*I will not give out my number to random people
*I will only get apps with your permission
*Literally all my friends have one!
*I won't EVER drop it
*I can FaceTime without wifi
* Siri!!
*Its the cool thing to have
* emoji
* I can go places without having to use someone else's phone :-(
*more storage
* create your own voicemail!
* unlimited texting
*unlimited calling
*free games

In order to reaaally surprise her, we decided to wait until the day after her actual birthday.  
So, early on the morning of Friday, June 7th, we tied up Abby's favorite thine (Romey) with our card and carried up her gift.
We awoke Sleeping Beauty with Romey on her bed :-)
The message written in our card explained why we felt that it was time for her to take this step...and honestly, the biggest one wasn't even realized until late the night before. After opening what she thought was all of her gifts the night before, and then gracefully thanking us for a lovely evening and all her new presents...I was so moved that I had a daughter who desperately wanted something that she did not receive and yet did not say one.single.negative.word about not getting it. I was beaming with love for this girl of mine...I was so proud that she acted so much better than I ever would have at her age.
What a Girl of God she is! She inspires me!!
Abby had tears in her eyes and was full of joy
Daddy showin her the ropes
then big bro had so share some iphone skillz as well
Her 1st call
p.s. Another cool side story to this is that my old Iphone 4 that we thought had seen its last day back in December, came back alive when we went to see about getting it fixed to give to Abby...seriously, we had a phone resurrection!!

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