Friday, July 5, 2013

New Life for Ella

Sunday, June 23rd
My baby girl is about to leave for her 1st overnight camp at New Life Ranch. She's the first of our kiddo's to go there (Will & Abby went to Jenks Wild there, and I went as a kid on a retreat)
I can't believe she's already old enough to do this!
I remember going to Camp Takatoka with Lizzy at the exact same age!!
Greg and I were so tickled about how excited she fear whatsoever.
Plus, this is our girl who doesn't touch a ball or run; thus, this was BIG for her! :-)
Daddy walking his baby girl to her cabin
Ella meets her counselors...Brittany and Aubrey 
already making herself at home... 
(and we'd like to give a shout out to the B's for lending us the snazzy hanging organizer & tie dyed laundry bag - u all are the best!)
 My brunettes
One of Ella's BF's arrives and bunks up right above El
 Swim Test
1st Cabin Pic
(*Holiday Week - obviously they went with Easter!)
Ella's other BF shows up - Reese! 
Each morning I would anxiously scroll through over 200 pictures to see if there was one of my girl...I was giddy when I saw this one!! :-) I looove when she has a teeth showin' grin!
Holiday Booth Cabin Pic
outdoor game - not sure what's goin' on here??
Saturday, June 29th 
We left around 7:15 am to go pick up our girl...we found her walking back from breakfast to her cabin...obviously she had fun doing her own hair and dressing herself!

One last pic with Brittany & Aubrey before we leave
Ella said her favorite camp experiences were "free time", arts & crafts, swimming, and of course...eating all the candy & goodies she was sent! ;-) 

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