Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All About ALDI

Okay, I've got another shopping tip I simply must share!

I know, I know...you may be a little intimated (or freaked out) by the name, the building, the fact that you have to use a quarter to "rent" your grocery cart. But, let me tell you...it is so worth it!

(FYI: I actually take my own recycled bags so I didn't even have to worry with a cart.)

Here's what all I purchased today:

A Bag of Spinach Salad

A Can of Tomato Sauce

A Lemon

A package of 3 large Yellow Squash

(2) 1 lb pkg of fresh Broccoli

A 1 lb pkg of Bananas

A 2 lb pkg of Red Grapes

A 1 lb pkg of Strawberries

A 3 lb bag of premium Gala Apples

4 large Fuji Apples - you can buy apples individually!

1 Granny Smith Apple

My Grand Total = $15.68

Now that is incredible! Try buying all that at Reasors, Food Pyramid or even Wal-Mart, and you will pay almost twice that amount.

So, my point is...I'M ALL ABOUT ALDI!

(Side note: I mainly only purchase produce there...not crazy about processed, packaged food. Their produce is really, really good! And, if you ever have a problem, they will take anything back and refund your money!)

Here are some local Aldi locations:

ALDI Bixby, OK
8207 E. 103rd Street SouthBixby, OK 74008
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am - 7pm

ALDI Broken Arrow, OK
2400 W. Kenosha StreetBroken Arrow, OK 74012
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am - 7pm

ALDI Tulsa, OK
12572 E. 21st StreetTulsa, OK 74129
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am - 7pm

ALDI Owasso, OK
9285 Owasso ExpresswayOwasso, OK 74055
Business hoursMonday-Friday 9am - 8pmSaturday 9am - 8pmSunday 10am-6pm


p.s. Another TIP: You can take your Sunday Aldi ad with you to your local Wal-Mart and they will price match the produce, i.e. 1 lb bag of carrots .89 cents, broccoli $1.29 lb, etc. - I do this a LOT too! :)



Annie H. said...

Ok, you are right.... it always seems so.... WEIRD! but if you like it, then so would I!!! I just do what you do! :) Thanks for yet another great tip.

LauraD said...

I was at Aldi today! I will say that I have had to take produce back because I found mold on apples the day after purchase and some grape tomatoes that tasted HORRIBLE. But all in all, I have been pleased & excited about the savings.

Shabbee Chick said...

Okay. So. I DO shop at Aldi's. But I have to say it TOTALLY depends on your store as to the freshness of your produce, bakery items, etc. Our store here in Owasso is GREAT! And I agree...you totally can't find those steals of deals at Reasor's!!!! Some of their products my family passes on so I just head on over to Reasor's and pick those up on the way home!

Yay for you being frugal, Katie!

momof3girls said...

Get out! I did not know that about Walmart price matching produce from the Aldi's ad -Thanks!

paperdoll said...

I'm a long time Aldi fan but had no idea Wal-Mart would price match!! Yippee! I hope to be out of diapers soon but we LOVE their diapers. We've used them for years. Sometimes when I don't want to make the trip I break down and buy huggies or pampers and I am always regret it. Who would've thought???

paperdoll said...

I didn't mean "I" hope to be out of diapers soon...I meant Charlie...I'm sure you knew that...