Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jenks Platinum's 1st Game of the Season

Lil' Miss 5th Grade Cheerleader :-)
Our 1st game of the season landed in good ol' Muskogee, OK
It was about 115 degrees
The girls did a GREAT job considering the game was delayed by almost an hour and the sun was scorching hot
Ella's new squad is full of sweet girls ~ had a hilarious time carpooling with the Martinez's to the game...let's just say our 45 minute drive home turned into almost an hour and a half!
(GPS systems stink sometimes) :-<>
 This was a new cheer, and I loved watching each girl get to come out and do a stunt of their choice
So proud that Ella went from not being able to do a somersault last being able to do a round off now. Yay!
 Their new Banner
The End of the Game Football Player Run!
 The boys played awesome and made their 1st win!
Go Jenks Platinum!!

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