Wednesday, August 20, 2014

11th Year as a School Mom

5th Grade Meet the Teacher 
(a.k.a. decorate your locker day)
Big Sis came along to help!
Fun to see friends in the hallway...
2nd Grade Meet the Teacher
We love Mrs. McGehee!
Fun to see friends who will be in our class!
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
1st Day of 10th Grade...JHS
My lil' 8th Grader
excited for a wonderful year of Pom, Friends & growing in her Faith!
Sisters helping each other write their grade on the board
Miss 5th Grader  ~ 1st year in the World Language Program!
Loved her little Bath and Body Work additions dangling from her backpack :D
I Treasure these beauties
The 1 block walk to the the way, it's about 6:55 in the morning!
I admit, I asked them to do this ;-)
And, last but not least, my baby boy's 1st day of 2nd Grade 
Had to get a shot of these adorable sneaks I picked up at that Preppy is back!!
Time for our walk w/ Miss Romes to the Bus
tryin' to be cool like a middle school instagram girl
Here comes Miss Ruthie!
Bye my love...prayers for safety, lots of learning, special friends, and that the Fruit of the Spirit is in you and pouring out of you.
Here we go 2014-2015 School Year...BRING ON the 4 SCHOOLS!!!

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