Sunday, August 17, 2014


Today is the day that I celebrate the best thing that happened to me in my life…a boy that I dated for 6 years asked me to marry him. Our Wedding Anniversary is my most favorite thing to celebrate. A beautiful gift that God created for him and I…a gift that has brought more joy than I ever thought imaginable. I deserve none of it, but because of God’s immeasurable amount of grace & love I am showered with blessings from this gift. Our story is the greatest miracle I have ever experienced…and it is still unfolding. To the handsome boy that I have loved for 24 years…Happy 18th Anniversary! I love you more today. xo #myforeverlove
I came home from a very busy day of JBF pre-sale, my first Guts Girls High Tea Brunch, and a few errands to this...I'm calling it some "Island Romance" hee hee 
Red Roses, new Tennis rackets for my love and I, our new Z Gallery Paris flutes, and a bag with something fun to open tonight on our date
(Abby's artistry)
*Cheers to the Best 18 Years of My Life!!!!*
Big G had set the agenda for the night...our first stop, 'The Tavern" in DT Tulsa
(I LOVE he's started planning our dates. I'm just along for the ride! Our 2nd stop was Glacier Chocolates for my 1st dark chocolate haystack - soooo delish)
My new bling...such a fun reminder of our amazing trip to Paris with A and G
"Oui, Oui...uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh" :D
My sweet man also had my favorite Merritts cake waiting at home in the fridge...Chocolate Raspberry Ganache - yummmmm
We enjoyed it with our fab four the next day after church :-)
A perfect end to another perfect Anniversary Celebration.

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