Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Surprise Ella Bella!!!!

As I visited with my Ella Bella about what she wanted to do for her 10th Birthday this year, she decided she wanted a Surprise Party (which was one of my suggestions). It was really fun planning it...although it was a little nerve wrecking trying to keep all the details secret. She knew it was coming, but didn't know when, where, etc. I did my best to pick out elements that would touch her heart, i.e. favorite restaurant, activity, cake.
Sunday after church, B'day Girl got to pick out some flowers to have at the house...neon pink it was!
Worked on these cool chevron beaded Earphone Party Favors while b'day girl was away at school.
Tags read: Your friendship is music to my ears...Thank you for celebrating with me today. Love, Ella
Monday, February 17th, 2014
B'day wish #1 came true...a bag of marshmallows waiting outside her door
Next...Aunt Kerri surprises Ella with her favorite Einstein spinach & cheese bagel
Thank you Aunt Kerri for the yummy bagel breakfast!!
B'day Mom (that's me) arrives early to Mimi's Cafe to decorate the table
Birthday guests arrive and are given B'day Blowers for the big Surprise!
 Abby, our videographer spots Ella coming in the restaurant...we were all hiding out.
Ella was truly IN SHOCK. We thought she was mad at first, but then realized she was just soooo surprised that she didn't know how to respond. :D
 (a little backstory: my Mom "Oma" had invited Ella to go to lunch with her and Aunt Kim for her birthday...Aunt Kim was in town for Carter's TU luncheon)
Even more fun than surprising Ella was watching these young girls get to *Surprise someone for the 1st time...they were all full of nervous, excited energy!
Ella still taking it all in...
A table set for a *Birthday Princess*
Little Missy ordered up a Strawberry Smoothie...a fave
B'day Girl with Big Sis & Mom
(Abby was an amazing helper as usual! So grateful for her!)
B'day Girl with Oma and Aunt Kim
I love this lil' lady so much!
(So funny that we don't look a thing a like! Thank goodness for our crooked pinkies in common...ha!)
Lunch is served!
B'day Girl went with pancakes...and yes, she even poured syrup over her fruit!
Giggly Girl giving cousin Carter a hug goodbye :-)
Present Time!
(Ella, being a middle child, looooves to receive gifts...they really bring her joy)
Ella and Jordan
Ella and Kate
Ella and Brianna
Ella and Emory
Ella and Talya
Ella and Reese
The Whole Birthday Gang
 (Riley's on far left; somehow missed a pic with her)
Next Up: Surprise Afternoon Movie
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Last Surprise of the Day: 
As we dropped each b'day guest off, they picked a neighbor to bless with a decorated plate of cupcakes. All the girls would pile out of the car and go together. As the recipient answered the door, they would all yell "Happy Cupcake Kindness Day!"
Riley was first up, and guess whose house she picked??
My friend Ali Cox! :-))
 Next in line was Miss Kate...
 Sweetest guy answered the door...
Jordan's neighborhood came next 

Here's where our Cupcake Stash was stored...the back of Bertha!
 Talya's was unique...we got to hand the cupcakes over a fence!
Last up was Miss Reese...hers was hilarious because a cute young boy about their age opened the door...they all turned red! :-))
Back at home and Birthday Girl is huuuungry!
She chose Kashi Mediterranean Pizza as her b'day meal 
(makes perfect sense as she is a semi-Vegetarian and loooves anything with veggies and cheese)
She's such a Hoot! 
(she changed into this formal dress the minute she got home...she tried to wear it earlier in the day to her surprise party..."no can do" B'day Mom said.)
 Time to sing to our B'day Princess
 Making a Wish...
 More Presents = Happy Girl
 Mimi stopped by for some B'day Love
 Lil' Man gave Ella some requested Goldfish 
(since I don't normally buy them)
And her favorite gift of the day...an ITOUCH!
(we had Abby's restored for her...she's been waiting for her 10th b'day just for this!)
 I was so proud of Will who made her a card AND bought her a gift!
(Godiva chocolates...her fave)
 Aunt Cindy stops by to celebrate...Romey tries to eat her b'day cake!
It was THE.PERFECT.DAY for my Baby Girl. So grateful to God for putting all the final details together and allowing us to bless her and her friends. Nothing quite touches the heart like a meaningful Birthday Celebration.
*~*Happiest Sunshine ☀️ Birthday to my Beautiful Baby Girl! Our lil miracle has grown into the most delightful, creative, sweet spirit who brings JOY to all who know her with her quirky sense of humor & compassionate heart.*~* #10yrsflew #EllaBellalove

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