Monday, March 24, 2014

Mission Jamaica 2014

March 23rd, 2014
Dear Supporter,
This past week, I had the AWESOME opportunity to go to Jamaica on my third mission trip. The entire trip was a huge blessing! In Jamaica, we did construction work as well as led Vacation Bible School at Jamaican schools. The beauty of the island of Jamaica is an incredible creation of God. I was lucky to be on “Team Domin8” (dominate) the entire week.
On Saturday, I arrived in Jamaica at about 7:00 pm. All we had time to do was eat dinner and go to bed. The next morning, my group and I went to Good Hope Baptist Church for church. That night, we had wonderful night of worship. On Monday, my team and I went to Duncan's school and we worked with grade 5 students. Later that day, we went back to Good Hope Church and we worked on mixing concrete and carrying it to a wall that we were building 100ft away. We did the same thing on Tuesday and Wednesday as we did on Monday. On Thursday, we went to the Samuel Prospect Basic School where we had a sport day with ten seven year olds. That afternoon, we went to the infirmary where we spent time with the elderly and unemployed reading the Bible and praying with them. The next day, Friday, we had the opportunity to go to Ocho Rios and to the market, as well as to Dunn’s River Falls were we climbed the falls and spent time on the beach. Saturday, we spent the entire day traveling home to America.
This week, everything I experienced was fantastic. Some of the highlights were the delicious chicken & rice and juicy patties, the physically challenging construction work and the ministry to Jamaican children. One way I feel encouraged as I have returned home is to have the endurance to be in God’s Word every day. I also feel motivated to continue on the path of less of me and more of God. Thank you so much for helping me to be able to go on this journey. The Jamaica mission trip was my favorite trip to date, and I look forward to many future opportunities to serve.
         Love, Will

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