Monday, October 28, 2013

Big O Turns 7!

My Birthday Boy
Night before party working on his buddies' party favors
Saturday, October 26th, 2013
finally able to dig into those chocolate donuts he requested
B'day boy and his posse on route to Soccer City!
Let the games begin!!
even big Sis got in on the action 
(Abby looooves soccer)

Will and Grant added some teenager challenge to the field
One year apart...same height
I always love seeing this lil' beauty at our parties :-)
The Birthday Gang
Silly Faces :-<>
Party Room time
Ready for that Cookie Cake!
Placing his 7 candles right where he wanted them...
Make a wish!
One friend couldn't make it so b'day boy was pumped to get a favor!
BFF came home with us for a play date 
They always love to "strike a pose"
(can you totally tell that O has a 12 yr old sister?!)
Words cannot express the love I have for this lil' guy. He makes my heart so full. He's all boy...and yet has so many other adorable qualities. He's super sensitive, he diligently does his homework when asked, he's so excited to be able to read "real" books now, he is a great Mall companion, he loves food more than anyone I know (Well...a close rival to his Momma and Uncle Kendall!), he cuddles with me, he still has that cute little boy voice, he still lets me dress him, he's my forever baby.
Abby made his a darling homemade card with all sorts of cool "coupons"; she then awarded him with the Million dollar candy bar because he's a million dollar brother!
Owen only asked for a couple of things...and this was one of them.
A remote control car
He wanted it opened and active pronto - Romey was a riot chasing and hiding from it
Next day after church I caught the b'day boy reading his classmates b'day cars out loud...
melted my heart

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