Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

*The Queen of Hearts*
Creative lil' thing made her card collar impressive!
My 3 Loves...our first year not to have all 4 together :-(
Dorothy (of which I've been trying to get Ella to do since she was like 3; she only consenting b/c I told her she could walk Romey...sadly, we didn't end up getting to even take Miss Romey) and my Fierce Little Pirate (couldn't find his patch or earring set yet again...showed up b/w Great Wolf Lodge and Halloween and then got lost again), arrrgh Matey!!
Ella & Reese (Frankenstein girl)
JSE Besties
JSE 4th Grade Friends all went Trick or Treating together 
 7th Grade Friends at the Mackey's Cul de Sac Party
The whole gang 
 Ran into Miss surprise! 
Our sweet new neighbors, the W's, left my kids their very own signed bag o' candy
 Candy Explosion 
(seriously, it's the most we've ever gotten!)
Now to keep Romey from getting to all that chocolate...

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