Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chinny Chin Chin

Friday, October 25th, 2013
We were just about to leave for Jenks Southeast's *Trojans 4 Christ, when I asked Owen to go brush his teeth. As he was heading upstairs, I heard one most horrendous cry...I knew immediately it wasn't good. I dropped what I was doing and sprinted 3/4 up our stairs to find my baby boy spilling blood from his face. My initial thought was "oh good, it's just his lip" but then I caught a glimpse of his chin and almost lost my breakfast. The following pictures will sum up what happened next...
a bit melancholoy
but really good attitude and LOTS of courage!
Numbing up 
Time to do some stitchin'!
Doesn't it look like a 2nd mouth? ha! :-)
Dr. Umer (who was THE sweetest!) did an amazing job stitching up the O Man. 
We were all surprised that he only had 4 stitches with such a gaping wound...the nurse told me later that it was due to the thicker thread she used.
My precious boy was an Angel...he laid perfectly still with no tears.
and even managed to give me a smile and a thumb's up at the end of this crazy morning
Back to SJ Urgent Care one week later...
for stitches removal
Update: his butterfly bandage fell off 4 days later and appears to be healing nicely. Mr. Chinny Chin Chin will soon be making friends with my bottle of Emu Oil. ;-)

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Becca said...

OUCH! That was a big gash!!!