Monday, August 5, 2013

Bow Heads

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
The time finally arrived for my girls to become official *BOW HEADS!
Abby's Pom and Ella's Cheer squads both had Camp at Twist and Shout during the same days and same times - how lucky were we?!
Lil' Miss Cheerleader
(Jenks White, 4th Grade)
Lil' Miss Pom Girl
(Jenks Black, 7th Grade)
On the last day, parents are invited to come view their performances
Abby's squad...21 total! (missing 3)
Sassiness...loved it!!
Ella's Squad...8 girlies strong
I was super impressed with the level of difficulty 4th graders were doing!
Ella and one of her BFF's Reese...Cutie Patooties!
Abby and one of her new pom pal's...had a sleepover the night before "Early Back Academy" at JMS.
LOVE making new friends!! 7th Grade is gonna be Greeeat!

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