Monday, August 27, 2012

Cuz Swimmin'

Saturday August 12th, 2012
Found out my lil' bro and his gang were coming to T-Town so we set up a get together at Greg's Dad's for a picnic lunch and some swimmin'!
Ella 8, Tanner almost 2, Abby 11, Owen 5, Will 13, Austin 4
My kids absolutely adore these lil' guys!
Momma lounge time ;-)
Courtney and I call ourselves "Sista's from anotha Motha" cause we are soooo much alike!
Kendall with his Boys - love this pic!
Our time went by way too fast...I always wish that we lived in the same town when we have to say our goodbyes. :-(  Until we meet again...

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