Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All four In

Tuesday, August 14th, we got the chance to go meet our new Teachers for the year
This is Owen and his big sista's standing outside his new K classroom. I don't think it was quite sinking in for little man. :-)
Ella and Miss Walker on "Meet the Teacher"
Twas the Night before School
We celebrated with special chocolate pudding parfaits!
Ella's self portrait homework
My 8th Grader and 6th Grader - both at the same school as last year
Jenks Middle School and Jenks East Intermediate
Someone mentioned that it looks dark outside...that's because it IS dark outside! Will catches the bus at 6:50 a.m. and Daddy leaves to take Abby to school at 7. Good Morning!!!
I love that smile of his!
(he just got braces a couple of weeks ago)
My fashionista in her new Abercrombie floral print jeans
with her Daddy's mug :-)
Abs ran into one of her BF's on way in - they are sooo excited that they get to eat lunch together this year! Abby has Mrs. Kennedy ~ we've heard rave reviews and just loved her when we met her!
My 3rd Grader and Kindergartener (is that a word??)
Big boy backpack
Pretending they love and adore each other ;-)
"you and me buddy"
This Momma is so very thankful to have my two babies at the same school. Truly an answer to prayer! However, due to house situation - it may not be lasting. STILL waiting to hear back as to whether our contract is accepted by seller's bank. "Short Sales" are NOT "short!" 6 + weeks and holding... 
The classic school pic
Owen's K Classroom
off to put his backpack up
Owen with Miss Kackley
Finding his name
under his breath..."Mom - why are you taking so many pictures?!"
Mommies saying their last goodbyes
Miss Walker's 3rd Grade Class just upstairs
Monday, August 20th was my first full day alone at home since the kids started school. I'll have to say, it was a verrry strange feeling to have quiet for that long. I can't say I won't get use to it (grin), but it was quite bizarre. No one to ask me for food. No one tattling on another. Nobody playing their music too loud. No one asking for a playdate. Nobody to check in at the gym. As crazy as my fab four can make me, I feel a part of me missing when they are not around. A new major role in raising them has become one of prayer. When teachers get to have your children as much as or more than you, you are left with the humbling act of prayer. "The prayers of a righteous Momma are powerful and effective!" James 5:16  Thank you Father for your promises!

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