Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shower Extravaganza

My baby sister is Getting Married!
And we all know what that means...SHOWERS!
The first of the gift pourings came at the church we all grew up at 
(the one my parents and Grandma still attend).
When I say gifts...I mean GIFTS. One thing the members of this church are known for are their generous hearts.
*Best Wishes Kerri*
Bride and Flower Girl (my Ella) embrace
Mother of the Bride with her Baby Girl
Matron of Honor (well, 1 of them anyway), flower girl, Bride
Shower Mingling
Bella diving into the appetizers
Let the gift opening commence!
Ka-yutest set of vintage tea towels my Mom found at a garage sale...check 'em out!
Bella was the gift toter...carried item from bride to gift table
Woka Woka
Homemade afghan from our one and only uber talented Grandma
and, last but not least, Kreston's long-awaited Silver Kitchen Aid
Ker says it is his new "baby" :-)
(little envious that she found her a man who cooks!)
The almost Mr. and Mrs. with their Loot
7:00 p.m. Same Day...this time, in OKC
The pretty hosts with the Bride
Cutest Idea!
An old wine bottle + flowers + mini chalkboard
bowl of corks ~ guests write message and name on them 
The King Sistas
(Kerri, Kim, moi, Courtney & Amy ~ the 2 on right are married to our brothers Kendall & Kevin)
Us with our Sweet Momma
me and my lil' bro (well, by "lil'" I mean younger ;-) )
me in a sister-in-law sandwich having fun catching up
the Happy Couple happily opening up gifts 
After 8 hours of "showering", it was time to head home to T-Town...what a wonderful day it was celebrating my sister's upcoming nuptials! 

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