Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nothin' like the Very First Game

A day this Momma has dreamed about...
My Baby Boy's 1st T-Ball Game
After watching him passionately enjoy anything related to a ball since he was a toddler, to see his love for sports unfold bring such joy to my soul!
The bonus of being blessed with an amazing coach and team is just icing on the cake! 
Lucky #7 of The Bulls
Batter Up!
and he scores!!
Bulls Win 1st Game 
The shaking of hands at the end...what a great tradition of good sportsmanship!
Boys do *Happy Dance*
then Owen does the "get my first grass stain" dance :-((
Sissy begs for snack
Brother enjoys snack
As I've said before, "There's just nothin' cuter than little boys in stretchy white pants!"

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