Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crowder Concert

Favorite Christian Artist:
David Crowder
When I heard he was doing a concert at Church of the Battlecreek, I was determined to get tickets... especially after missing out on seeing him a few months ago when he did his Tulsa stop on his last band tour. Tickets sold out before I could my hands on some. :-(
These tickets were 1st come, 1st serve - free of cost - all that was asked was a donation to be made the night of the concert.
We were able to score 4 tx's - so we decided to take our oldest son Will and let him invite a friend (Abby had dance, Ella had a b'day party and Owen was with a sitter). It took heaven and earth to get to the concert...but, OH HOW IT WAS WORTH IT!
There is simply nothing like a Concert with Purpose. A Concert where not only does the music sound amazing...but, the music allows one to feel amazing. My soul was on Cloud 9 as it soured with passion and energy listening to this most magnificently talented musician. Anointed is an understatement. His music has a way of moving my soul into worship, the kind of worship I picture Heaven having!
Due to his over the top generosity, over 10,000 lbs of food were donated and 2,000+ items of clothing. 
Free Concert + Blessing those in Need = One Awesome Night!

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